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How do I setup software control in Ableton Live 4, 5, and 6 with the Novation X Stations?

The template that comes with the X Station for Live 2 can be used with all versions of Live. For controlling Live load up the Live template on the X Station and make sure it is selected as the MIDI input and output device in the Live MIDI preferences menu. To map a control on the X Station to a parameter in Live click on ‘MIDI’ in the top right corner of the Live window – all of the controls will turn blue. Select the parameter in Live that you want to control by clicking on it and then move the control on the X Station that you want to assign to it. Repeat this process for all of the controls in Live that you want to assign and then click the ‘MIDI’ box again to return Live to normal mode. Now when you move the controls on the X Station you have assigned the corresponding controls in Live will respond. To save your mapping click on ‘save template’ in the Live preferences menu – this way you will not need to do this all again when you next open Live.

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