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Setting up Digidesign ProTools with EZPlayer

EZplayer requires Pro Tools version 7 or later (PT 7.3 or above is recommended as previous versions do not support key functionality necessary for operations).

Before you start, you should make sure that you are familiar with how to operate Virtual Instruments in ProTools and that you have a copy of a support drum sampler configured for Audio and MIDI playback.

— NOTE, because you can use EZPlayer with various drum samplers, we’ll use the generic name “YFDS” in these instructions. (YFDS = “Your Favorite Drum Sampler”) —

1) Inserting the plugin:
– Insert the EZplayer plugin on a Mono Instrument Track

2) Setting up:
– Create an Instrument Track with YFDS instantiated on
– Enable the ‘Instruments’ section at the top of the Pro Tools mixer to access MIDI I/O
– Set the MIDI Output of the EZ Player instrument track to YFDS
– Change the Input of the “YFDS” track to EZplayer and the appropriate MIDI channel
– Record-arm the instrument track where YFDS is inserted.
– In EZplayer, choose the appropriate MIDI Output format for YFDS (for example “channel 1”)
– Select a groove in EZplayer and press Play

3) Building a drum track:
– Once you have found the right groove, simply drag and drop the MIDI file to the Instrument Track with YFDS in the Edit window.
– Add additional grooves from EZplayer to create your new drum track.

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