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How do I set up the VIP (Vocal Input Priority) function on my Fender Passport system?

The Vocal Input Priority circuit lowers the volumes in all other channel when a signal is placed through channel one (yes, even when a wireless is used!). Essentially it’s a “talk over” feature. To best get a feel for it, do the following:
1. Connect microphone cable to channel 1 of the following Passport Systems; P80, P150, P250, PD150 or PD250.
2. Turn down VIP control.
3. Set channel one’s level control to desired setting.
4. Set the Master Volume to desired setting.
5. Set the Reverb control to desired setting.
6. Set the Pan control to desired setting.
7. Connect a CD with music (or another source) to a stereo channel.
8. Set the stereo channel volume to desired setting.
9. While turning up the VIP control, speak into the microphone that is plugged into channel one.
You will notice that when the VIP control is at “12 o’ clock”, the music in the stereo channel will get lower. This is Vocal Input Priority, giving channel one the priority over the other channels.

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