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How do you select which audio tracks return to each Saffire PRO bus (meaning the S/W tracks within SaffireControl PRO) from your software (e.g. Ableton Live)?

When you have chosen Saffire PRO as the audio interface within the audio recording platform (Ableton), the input and output audio options that are available will relate to those within SaffireControl PRO. For example, the user can route a stereo audio track in the sequencer to S/W tracks 5/6 in SaffireControl PRO by selecting Saffire PRO Outputs 5/6 as the output choice for that track. This will then route directly to Saffire PRO analogue outputs 5/6, unless S/W 1/2 is active across that output pair in SaffireControl PRO or the crossfader is in the extreme left position where only the Input Mix is heard (see the previous question for more details).