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Roland VS-2480CD External SCSI HD options?

You can either us a SCSI External HD or a IDE External HD housed in the following set-up.

Microland is a company that sells Acard converter cards, etc. and will build the card into a common drive enclosure for customers that want to use an IDE DRIVE in a SCSI Enclosure.

The user has the option to have the SCSI to IDE converter card installed into an external hard drive enclosure (closed box) or an external CD drive enclosure (open front “bay”).

An IDE HD drive caddy assembly could be used with the latter to allow external hard drives to be easily swapped out.

Here is a direct link to purchase this said box.
Copy and paste the link below:

Item Title: ACARD ARS-2000UB Ultra SCSI to IDE External Cabinet for CD-ROM, for PC.
ACARD ARS-2000UB Ultra SCSI to IDE External Cabinet for CD-ROM. Package includes case and terminator. Two types of cables are available: 1. DB25 (25pin) to SCSI2 (50pin) Cable.Part#CBL25S2 Or 2. High Density 50 pin to 50 pin Cable¡KPart#SCSICBLXH2 Please indicate which cable under the ¡§shipping instruction¡¨. If you are not certain about the product or which cable to use, please contact our technician (J.B. Black) before placing the order. Email: JB@microlandusa.com Custom Support Phone: 972-484-7515

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