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Roland VS-2400 Using Shift Lock To Free Up Your Hands

One of the most useful parameter options on the VS-2400/2480 is “Shift Lock”. It allows you to access modes that require you to press and hold [SHIFT]without having to press and hold [SHIFT]. In this way, you can move around the parameters that are accessed through buttons with only one hand.

1. Press [UTILITY]

2. Press [F2] – to access the Global Parameter screen

3. Use the [ARROW/CURSOR] buttons to navigate to the “Shift Lock” field.

4. Use the [TIME/VALUE] knob to check “ON” or “ONCE”.

5. If you check “ON”, the [SHIFT] button will be locked and lit when you press it and remain that way until you press it again to unlock it and turn it off.

For example, this mode may be useful when you want to “Zoom In/Out” on your recorded tracks in your playlist on the Home Page quickly. You would just press [SHIFT], then use the [ARROW/CURSOR] buttons to Zoom In/Out vertically and horizontally.

6. If you check “ONCE”, the [SHIFT] button will only be locked and lit until you press another button.

For example, this would be useful if you want to select between Locate Points that you’ve set up in different Locate Banks without using two hands. You would press [SHIFT], then press [LOCATE/BANK]. Then select the Bank from the numeric keypad and then select the Locate Point within that Bank from the numeric keypad.

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