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Roland RD-300NX Controlling The Song Playback Volume

Use the following procedure to adjust the volume of the song that’s playing back on the RD-300NX.

1. Press the MENU button so it lights.

2. Use the CURSOR buttons to select “8.Utility,” and the press the flashing ENTER button to display the EDIT [Utility] screen.

3. Use the CURSOR buttons to select “0. Song Function,” and then press the flashing ENTER button.

4. Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight “Audio Volume” if you’re playing an audio file, or “SMF Volume” if you’re playing a Standard MIDI file.

5. Use the DEC and INC buttons to set the playback volume as desired.

Note: If you press the DEC and INC buttons at the same time, the volume setting returns to its default value.

6. When you’ve finished adjusting the playback volume, press the MENU button so it’s not lit.

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