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How do I use Reason and Live together via ReWire?

When using ReWire, the order in which you launch and quit the two programs is very important:

1. First launch Live.

2. In the Session View, set one or several Clip Tracks to use Reason ReWire channels as the input device.
See “Activating ReWire channels” below for details.

3. Launch Reason.
It may take slightly longer for Reason to start when you are using ReWire.

When you are finished, you also need to quit the applications in a special order:

1. First quit Reason.

2. Then quit Live.

Routing Audio

Activating ReWire Channels in Live

To activate the desired inputs from another ReWire compatible application in Live, proceed as follows:

1. Make sure you have the Session View up on screen.

2. Create as many Clip tracks as you need ReWire inputs.
Note that you can always add or remove channels later, the system is completely dynamic.

3. Pull down the Input Device pop-up menu for a track and select Reason.
All ReWire compatible applications installed on your computer will be available on the list.

4. Now select a ReWire channel from the Input Channel pop-up menu.
In the list that appears, all ReWire inputs are listed one after the other. This list does not display the name of the application, so if you have more than one ReWire application installed (for example both Reason and ReBirth) be careful to select the correct input. Reason has 64 ReWire channels, selectable as either stereo or mono channels.