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Does Pro Tools support playback of Quicktime or DV movies via Firewire?

Pro Tools 5.3.1 for Macintosh now supports the Canopus ADVC-100 Firewire to video converter. This box supports both NTSC and PAL rates, and can record audio simultaneously with video.To Play DV Movies through the FireWire Port:1. Import a QuickTime DV movie into a Pro Tools session by choosing Movie > Import Movie.2. Choose Movie > Play DV Movie Out Firewire Port.When this item is enabled, Pro Tools will play DV movies (NTSC or PAL) out the FireWire port to the Canopus ADVC-100. This can improve system performance by removing the need for the movie to be software decompressed by the CPU and displayed on the computer screen.If the desktop Movie Window is open when video is playing out the FireWire port, it will display the text DV Movie Is Playing Out FireWire Port.There can be a considerable delay between video and audio when using this feature. To compensate: Choose Movie > Set Movie Sync Offset. Enter a value appropriate to align the audio with video. Generally, you will need to set this parameter once for each type of DV decoder used. At the time of this writing, Digidesign has qualified the Canopus ADVC-100 Transcoder. The required offset for this particular device is 22 quarter frames.

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