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How do I perform a hard reset on the Mackie TT24?

NOTE: Performing a hard reset on the TT24 will re-load the factory default settings for the current firmware version and will erase/overwrite any settings you have made. You will need to back up your presets/programs if you do not wish to lose them.

To perform a hard reset of the TT24:

1) Mute or turn off your speakers/power amps/crossovers. If they are not muted or turned off, the speakers could sustain damage when this procedure is performed.

2) Power off the TT24.

3) Power on the TT24 while holding down the [CONTROL] and [HELP] buttons. Let go of these buttons when the faders jump. You will see “Initializing Memory” on the TT24’s screen.

It is a good idea to perform a hard reset after any period of heavy usage in which the TT24’s programs are being changed/loaded frequently.

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