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I need help getting my Tascam FW-1884 to work with DP4

Make sure you are using DP4.12 and have downloaded and installed the MAS/AU update available in our Downloads section.

  • Launch the “FW-1884 Manager.” (found in the Applications folder)
  • Under the Settings panel, select the control protocol to “FW-1884 Native” and
    in the Core Audio panel, select how you’d like to use your FW-1884
    (as an 18, 8, or 2 channel device).
  • In DP4, goto the Setup menu and go to the Configure Audio System >Configure Hardware Driver.
    Select FW-1884 as your hardware driver.
  • Next, goto the Setup menu and go to Control Surface Setup.
    Select FW-1884 as the driver as well as the MIDI port.

This will get your FW-1884 working with DP4

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