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My guitar has a hum. How do I get rid of it?

If your guitar has a hum, there are a few things to consider before deeming it defective.

  • Does your guitar have single coil or humbucking pickups? Humbucking pickups are designed to cancel out any hum that might get picked up from outside sources. Single coils don’t have this feature and are more prone to hums.
  • There are many different sources that can plague your signal with noise. Fluorescent lights, old computer monitors, and dirty AC lines are some of the more common things that can cause interference.
  • Don’t get too close to your gear. Your amplifier has large components in it (especially tube amplifiers). When you get close to them, the magnets in your pickups interact with the electricity running through those large components which can cause a lot of noise in your signal. Try distancing yourself from your amplifier and other gear.
  • Check out the ground wire on your guitar. If this has come loose, it may need to be re-soldered. A loose ground wire could easily introduce noise to your signal.

If you’ve tried all of these things but are still getting noise in your signal, send us a support request and we’ll help you out.

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