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MusicPad Pro : I cannot get Music Pad Manager in File Manager to connect to my Music Pad through the USB cable (using Windows XP Service Pac 2).

Try turning off you firewall. Then go back to the File Manager and see if you can connect. If yes then go back to your fire wall and set it to allow all for FreeHand Systems. If no then with the Music Pad on and the USB cable connected. Re – load the Music Pad Manager software. This will load the USB driver correctly.

Windows Personal Firewall
Go to control panel, right click on the Network Connections, then left click on Properties, click on Advanced, uncheck Internet connection, firewall, turn off Yes.

Norton Firewall
You need to set Norton to allow all for the program Solero. Open Norton security, click on Personal Firewall, click on configure, click on programs, click on Add, then add Sunhawk, Solero, program, viewer, open then select permit click on OK.

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