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Mountain Lion: Mac OSX 10.8 Compatibility Information

By now you probably know that Apple has released version 10.8 of OS X, called Mountain Lion. Whenever an OS upgrade has been announced, we go to work finding out what effect it may have on your current software and hardware. Some companies resolve any compatibility issues right away, while others may take a while longer to get this done.

There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with the hassles that can arise when moving to a new OS. Our advice right now is: Look before you leap. We’ll be tracking compatibility issues for both software and hardware and updating this article with new information as soon as we learn of it. You’ll want to check back often for news and updates.

If you have questions, you can always reach us here. Don’t forget that your Sweetwater Sales Engineer also has a wealth of information and can help guide you through this upgrade. Give him or her a call whenever you need assistance.

Current Compatibility News

Ableton reports that Live 8.3.1 is compatible with Mountain Lion.   They recommend updating to the latest current version, 8.3.3 for further improvements.   Updates can be found here once you log into your user account.

Akai Professional
Akai is still in the process of testing their products with Mountain Lion.  While some users may be successful with this combination, results are not guaranteed.

Alesis has not completed testing and approval for Mountain Lion.  While this does not mean current drivers won’t work, functionality is not guaranteed at this point.

Apogee has announced compatibility for the following products:  JAM, MiC, ONE, GiO, Duet (FireWire), Duet 2, Ensemble, Symphony I/O, Symphony 64 PCIe, Symphony Mobile, X-FireWire.   Click here for detailed compatibility information.

Avid has released Pro Tools 10.3, which adds compatibility with Mountain Lion.  Details on the update can be found here.
Most current HD, USB and Firewire Avid interfaces are now compatible with Mountain Lion.  Click here for downloads and compatibility details for all Avid audio products,
Sibelius 7 is fully compatible with Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion.  For additonal details on Sibelius 7 and other version compatibility, click here.


Testing of EastWest’s PLAY instrument is still under way.  At this point, they recommend waiting to upgrade until their products are fully qualified.

Focusrite states that most of their current interfaces are now compatible with Mountain Lion.  For a listing of details and specific interfaces, including how to disable Gatekeeper, click here.

IK Multimedia
IK Multimedia software is compatible with Mountain Lion, but does require authorization with the latest Authorization Manager available, v.1.0.7, which is available here.
There are still issues related to sounds installers, which are not working properly on Lion or Mountain Lion.   IK is working to update those soon and will posted them as soon as possible.

Line6 reports that their latest software and drivers are compatible with Mountain Lion.   Be sure to download and install the latest drivers here.

According to MakeMusic, preliminary testing on Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) with Finale 2012, Finale 2011, PrintMusic 2011, SongWriter 2012, NotePad 2012, and NotePad 2011 has indicated no major compatibility issues.
Some minor issues can be addressed by users, and are detailed here.

MOTU reports that in preliminary testing, the latest software and hardware drivers are working with Mountain Lion.  One exception is Symphonic Instrument, which MOTU is working on updating for compatibility.
Be sure to update to the latest software and drivers, which you can find here

M-Audio is still working on testing of current drivers and software for compatibility with Mountain Lion.   Until an official announcement and/or update is posted here or www.m-audio.com , it is recommended M-Audio product owners wait for Mountain Lion.

Native Instruments
Native Instruments has found in testing that some USB devices are experiencing issues with Mac OS 10.8.  At this time, they are working with Apple to resolve the issue.   Some devices are not affected.   For detailed information and listing of compatible/incompatible products, click here.


None of Novation’s products are officially supported under Mountain Lion at present, however, preliminary tests show that most products should work. Click here for specific notes. Novation recommends that you wait until official Mountain Lion compatible product software is released before you upgrade your OS if you wish to guarantee a problem-free experience.

Studio One version 2.0.6 (and higher) is compatible with Mountain Lion.  Universal Control 1.6 for Studio Live and FireStudio Mobile and FireStudio Project are qualified for 10.8.   While Presonus is working to improve compatibility with many of their audio interfaces, some work in class-compliant operation, and others will work if Apple’s Gatekeeper is disabled.   For detailed information on which hardware works, and how to disable Gatekeeper, click here.

Propellerhead is still in the process of testing their software products.  While some may work normally in Mountain Lion, it is recommended that users wait to upgrade the OS until they have posted an official statement.  Check here for updates.

RME is reporting that the current drivers for their product line work with Mountain Lion.   They are investigating one compatibility issue with USB 3.0 on some Apple computers, but other USB ports work (as does FireWire, PCI, etc).

Avid (the parent company of Sibelius) is currently working to deliver a version of Sibelius software that is compatible with Mountain Lion. For more information on Avid compatibility with Mountain Lion, click here.

Steinberg is still in the process of testing and evaluating their products with Mountain Lion.  At this point, they recommend waiting until an official statement of compatibility has been released.

TASCAM now has drivers for the following current products: US-122mkII, 144mkII, US-200, US-400, US-600, US-1800, US-2000.  Drivers are available at www.tascam.com

While Toontrack is still working on full compatibility of their products with Mountain Lion, some users are having positive results when running the latest versions of their software (Superior Drummer, EZDrummer, etc).  Be sure to download and install the latest Toontrack software by logging into your account at www.toontrack.com

TC Electronic
TC Near software for TC Electronic’s audio interfaces will require a few minor fixes for full Mountain Lion compatibility.    An updated should be posted at http://www.tcelectronic.com/ in the near future.

Universal Audio
UAD Software version 6.3.2 includes compatibility with Mountain Lion.  This update applies to both the UAD and Apollo products.  Information and updates can be found here:  UAD software download.

Vienna Symphonic Library
Vienna has announced that all of their software products are now compatible with Mountain Lion.  Registered users may download the free update from their user area.

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