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MOTU serial MIDI interfaces with Logic, Cubase, Finale and other OMS compatible software on B-W G3s and G4s

Currently, Logic and Cubase do not have direct FreeMIDI support. Blue and White G3s and G4s do not have serial ports built in. In order for these programs to address 3rd party USB interfaces or serial expansion ports like the Griffen Technologies Gport, the Megawolf Romulus or Reamus PCI cards, or the Keyspan USA 28X USB to serial expansion device, they must run under OMS.

Therefore, in order to use a MOTU MIDI interface (MIDI Timepiece AV, MIDI Express XT, Micro Express, or FastLane) with Logic or Cubase or any other non FreeMIDI application you will need to use OMS (“Open” or “Opcode” Music system). OMS is another MIDI operating system used (or can be used) by most MIDI applications. OMS is available as a download at Opcode’s web site (www.opcode.com).

You will also need to install FreeMIDI to place the interface drivers in your system folder. To use a MOTU MIDI interface with OMS, you need to install FreeMIDI after OMS is installed. There are components in the FreeMIDI install that need to go into OMS folder of the system folder (the MOTU OMS driver and the MOTU OMS USB driver). With these components present, you should be able to scan for the MOTU MIDI interface in the studio menu/MIDI cards and interfaces selection. Or when running OMS for the first time.

You can download a detailed Read Me for setting up your MOTU USB interface with Logic or Cubase.

Using a MOTU USB interface with Logic or Cubase

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