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Mesa/Boogie Mark V low or no volume


If your Mesa Boogie Mark V isn’t working quite right, try checking the following things:

  1. Tone controls. On some of the channels of the Mark V, the tone controls are pre-gain, meaning they they actually control the volume of the frequency bands that they govern. If you have them turned all the way down, you will get very low volume.


    Mark V Loop Controls

  2. FX Loop Switch. If your FX loop is switched to Loop Active, this enables your FX loop. There is a send level control that will affect the overall output of the amplifier. For the best results, Boogie recommends setting this knob somewhere in the middle. On the other hand, if you switch the loop to Bypass, then the Main Output and Solo controls on the front will become inactive and you will have to rely on each channel’s volume knob to control the volume.


    Mark V EQ Switch

  3. If you have the EQ section bypassed via the footswitch, you need to make sure the EQ is turned off or set to footswitch for each channel. For instance, with the EQ off via the footswitch, if the EQ switch on channel 1 is turned on, you will get no audio from channel 1 until you turn the EQ switch to the off position or the footswitch position.



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