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I’m getting low (or no signal) with my Bock 195 and Daking MicPreOne (or other preamp).

The Bock 195 is a NOT a high output mic, it is a lower output condenser on purpose! It is designed to work in a wider variety of real studio applications, from screaming guitar amp mic to quiet vocalist. Therefore it must be scaled for lower output or it would distort. The 195 needs 45-50dB of gain, so turning up a preamp all the way if you are far off the mic is not unusual.

If yo’re using your 192 with a Daking Mic Pre One: The meter on the Mic Pre One does not start to work at all until you get to -17 or so, so low input levels do NOT show. It is perfectly OK to turn up the level to max or near max. Daking Mic Pre’s offer 70dB of gain, more than enough for a 195.

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