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How to: Learn the Studio One DAW

Studio One is a relatively new DAW built from the ground up to be Fast, Intuitive, and Powerful with an unrivaled sound engine.  Studio One is equipped with many features and workflow enhancements that are found nowhere else in the DAW market.  Just like any other DAW, Studio One has a learning curve (albeit a relatively small one) and because of this, some study and practice will be in order if you want to get the most out of it.  Detailed in this guide are ways to go about learning the software as well as links to the information that you’ll want to study.

Getting Started:

First and foremost, you’ll want to have the latest version of Studio One installed on your system and activated.  The following link will explain how to do this:


(also, attached to this article is a document which explains how to Install and Activate from the Web.)

This video can also be of assistance:


Second, open Studio One and click Help and then Contents.  This is the Studio One Operation Manual.  It is strongly suggested that you print this out and keep it on your desk for reference.  The manual contains details on Studio One’s functionality and is essential to your learning.

Once you have the software installed/activated and have your Manual in hand, you can begin to learn the software.  A great way to get a head start is to watch the Youtube and Vimeo videos about Studio One:




Once you’ve Read the Manual and watched the videos you may have questions about how to do this or that.  You will now have the basic knowledge of the software that you need to properly phrase your questions using the correct terminology.  A great place to ask these questions is the Presonus Forum:


Another new resource we have provided for you is the dedicated Studio One website, found here:



Also, there is an excellent DVD tutorial on Studio One that is over 6hrs long, detailed and thorough:



For additional telephone based training, we have partnered with Obedia:

Obedia provides Tech Support, training and remote desktop help for all PreSonus products.

Please use the code: OBPresonus1 and the first 15 minutes with Obedia will be free. Check out their web page here:



Practice, of course, makes perfect!  So make sure to spend plenty of time using the software and getting used to the workflow and you’ll be comfortable with Studio One before you know it!





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