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When I install a Sony Creative Software Application and register it under the Administrator account, then attempt to launch the application from another account, I receive a prompt to register the application again. Why is this?

The Issue:

The Vista Administrator account does not automatically have full Administrator privileges if User Account Control is enabled. When a Sony Creative Software application is run the first time it needs full Administrator privileges to correctly set up the serial number and authentication. With User Account Control enabled this registration information is placed in a per-user section of the registry instead of the all-user location that is required.


After installing the application, select “Run as administrator” when first launching the application. This will correctly elevate the permissions for the registration data to be correctly located in the registry.

If the application has already been registered, without elevating permissions, selecting “Run as administrator” from the right click menu of the shortcut will prompt for registration again, allowing the information to be correctly entered into the registry. This will fix the issue for all other users.

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