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How do I replace the cord on my ATH M40fs headphones?

1. Remove the old pads.  Place your finger under the inside of the pad and pull diagonally out and up away from the headphone, working the loose pad all the way around the ear cup.

2. Remove the 4 screws under the pad and separate the ear cup.

3. You will see the cable attached to a screw port on the PCB board inside the cup.  Loosen the screws to release the 3 cables, then untie the knot to remove the cable.

4. Thread the new cable into the headphone and loosely knot the cable.

5. Place the 3 cables into the corresponding marked ports and tighten.  Check they are firmly in place and place the knot into it’s original slot.

6. Put the pads in place by pushin the pad lip into the gap on one side.  Use your finger under the inside of the pad to lift it.  Work the lip into the gap all the way around.  You may us a flathead screwdriver under the lip as well.  Be sure not to damage the pad while doing this.

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