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How do I punch-in using a Presonus Faderport in ProTools?

The foot switch on the Faderport does start/stop only.

To use the foot switch on the Faderport in ProTools:

  • Set up the Faderport as a HUI device per the manual.
  • In the floating Transport window in PT, enable pre-roll for the number of seconds you’d like to hear before the punch point, and set a post-roll if you’d like.
  • Place the cursor in ProTools where you’d like to start the punch, or highlight the section you’d like to punch.
  • Enable Punch on the Faderport.
  • Press the Record Enable button on the Faderport.
  • When you’re ready to go, press the foot switch to start and then press it a second time when you’d like to stop/punch out. If you highlight the section to punch, you won’t have to hit the footswitch to punch out.

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