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I have heard that the Axon units are upgradeable. Is this true?

Yes it is! And we’re the only one!
Rather than succumb to the temptation of the “We need a new model for NAMM this year” syndrome that affects much of the music instrument industry, we’ve chosen to only release new hardware when there is a strong reason to do so, and instead offer firmware upgrades at a minimal cost when we’ve added a feature or trained the neural net further.
In an effort to provide the best level of support we can for the Axon units, past and present, we make available from time to time, new enhanced operating systems for our converters. Sometimes this revision can add a new feature, and other times in will incorporate new training of the neural net for greater accuracy on an existing unit. Basically, the engineers at Blue Chip Music Technology are constantly striving to improve their converters, and you’re the winner because of it!
We realize that the Axon costs a bit more than our competitors units do, and that purchasing a unit like the Axon is a major commitment. With this in mind, we want you to own and hold on to your unit for a long, happy, time. To take some of the anxiety out of purchasing a unit such as ours, we offer free upgrades for 6 months after the original purchase (with a valid sales receipt, of course). After six months, there is a $50 fee, which covers the upgrade, labor, new documentation (if necessary) and return shipping to the user. This offer is open to owners of second hand Axon units as well.
Please understand that an upgrade cannot overcome any hardware limitations of older units (slower processor, etc…), and we cannot offer features on older units that require the newer processors and hardware. We are however, incorporating new neural net training done for the AX-100 into the older units to make them more accurate and will do everything we can to enhance the performance of your existing unit.

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