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I’m having problems getting EzDrummer to work in Pro Tools 7.x. I need to get a Computer ID to register it but can’t find the ID anywhere.

There is a known bug with using EZDrummer as a RTAS plug-in in Pro Tools 7. In order to get the update that will work in Pro Tools you have to register it but you can’t get the number to register without opening it up. There are two ways to resolve this.
1. Open up another application that will allow EZdrummer to launch as a VST plug-in. (Cubase, Garageband, etc. will do this.)

Instantiate EZ drummer and it will open up and give you the computer ID you need to register it.

2. You can also do this solution, which according to Toontrack, will work if you do not have another application that uses the plug-in.

you can create a user account here:

After creating an account, you will come to a screen with three tabs on it. One of them is ‘Downloads.’ Click on that tab, and you’ll see the EZ Drummer update. Download and install this update, then you will see EZ Drummer as an RTAS plugin inside Pro Tools.

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