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Hard Drive Installation AW4416 : Hard Drive Installation

. On the back of the AW4416 is a slot which houses a standard 2.5″ laptop hard disk drive . This slot has a removable card on which the hard drive is mounted on to so that the customer can access the drive with ease. To get to the removable card the customer must remove two types of screws on the face plate of the slot. The first set of screws are two fastners that hold the plate in place then two additional screws beside them that act as fastners for the hard drive card itself. Once these screws are removed the face plate comes off and the card that houses the hard drive can be pulled out. On this card is a small ribbon cable that will be used to connect to the harddrive as well as four screw holes on which the harddrive is to be placed. The hard drive is placed with the label side up, connected to the ribbon cable and with the four mountable screw holes lined up with the holes on the removable card. The unit comes with eight small screws, four for the hard drive and four for the CDR. Four screws are mounted on the bottom of the removable card to fasten the harddrive down. Once mounted the card is put back into the slot and given a slight push to make sure the connector on the end of the removable card is properly inserted into the main unit. Once done the face plate is put back on with the four screws to fasten the hard drive in place. The AW4416 is now ready to be turned on. Once the unit is powered on the unit will seek the drive and realize it has not been formatted and ask you if you want to do this..press the ENTER button to format the drive. Formatting takes about 2-3 minutes and the unit is ready for operational use when done.

Look under CDROM installation for installing the CDROM in the AW4416

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