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Generating SMPTE from DP using an MTP AV / Express XT / micro express

The LTC (analog SMPTE timecode) can be used to slave your external devices, and the MTC is used to slave DP. Here’s how to set it up:

  • In Clockworks, make sure Computer on the left is connected to MMC on the right, and MTC on the left is connected to Computer on the right.
  • Set the MTP AV to Internal, and the frame rate as needed.
  • In DP, go to Setup > Receive Sync and choose Type of Sync as “MTC” and Sync to Port as “Any”. Set the frame rate to match the MTP AV.
  • Then go to Studio > MIDI Machine Control. Press the button next to the MTP AV and the big button next to MMC to enable them both.
  • Then press Play in DP.

This process can also be done in other DAWs. Check with your application’s documentation for help on setting up MMC / MTC.

Alternatively, you generate SMPTE timecode from DP using any current MOTU audio interface. Check out this tech note for more info.

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