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FreeStyle and Lyrics – My lyrics line up on the Screen, but not when I print!!!

In FreeStyle lyrics do not snap to note head positions. Basically, it’s a text box under your notation view. If you’re printing notation w/ lyrics, and the print job looks nothing like on the screen, there’s probably a mismatch between the resolution on your printer and on your screen. Adjusting your lyrics to notation at a higher resolution in the notation editor can give you the results you want.

Adjusting lyrics to notation at high zoom levels like 300% or 400% usually gives you good results. If you need lyrics to line up exactly (I mean exactly!!!) use the following formula:

zoom level = ( printer DPI / screen DPI (which is generally 72) ) * 100%

Therefore, if your printer is 300 DPI and your screen is 72 DPI, you want to line up your lyrics to note heads at a zoom level equal to 300/72 *100, or 417%. You can type in any zoom level in FreeStyle if you choose “Other” from the zoom pop up in the notation view.

You can still enter lyrics at the 100% zoom level, or whatever level is comfortable to view. Except, before you print, use a higher preset zoom level (like 300% or 400%) or the derived zoom level (from the formula above) to tweak the spacing between words so they line up when printing.

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