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DAE error – 9140 when recording or playing back audio in a Pro Tools LE v.5.3.2. session for Digi 002 when using a FireWire drive.

This error message is solved in the same manner as a DAE -9060 error message. 1. The FireWire drive must have the Oxford 911 bridge chip and spin at 7,200 RPMs or faster to be supported with Pro Tools.2. Format the FireWire drive with the Apple Drive Setup Utility. Formatting will wipe the drive clean; consequently, you should back up any data that is on the FireWire Drive first before erasing the disk. If the FireWire drive mounts on the desktop, highlight its icon, then choose Erase Disk under the Special Menu and choose Mac OS Extended. Click Erase. Don’t forget to backup your data first!3. Disable all extensions and control panels that were installed with the formatting utility software for the FireWire drives. Below are a list of various extensions and control panels to disable in the Extensions Manager.Apple Menu > Control Panels > Extensions Manager. Disable by unchecking various extensions and and control panels, then restart the computer. LaCie Extensions for LaCie FireWire drives:LaCie FireWire SupportLaCie USB SupportSilverling Pro – Control Panel. Maxtor Extensions for Maxtor FireWire drives:Maxtor carbus enabler.Maxtor Fir Wire support HD.Maxtor FireWire support RBC. Maxtor USB support driver. Maxtor USB support Shim.For Hard Disk Speed Tools – EZ Quest Cobra Fir Wire Drives:HDST Cartridge MounterHDST Fir Wire SupportFor Phantom Fire Wire Drives:HDST USB Support Shim.HSDT USB Support DriverHDST Fir Wire Support, RBC.HDST FireWire Support, MOHDST Fir Wire Support. Acom Fire Wire Drives:HDST FireWire SupportHDST FireWire, MOHDST Fir Wire Support, RBCHDST USB Support DriverHDST USB Support ShimWestern Digital FireWire Drives:WD FireWire SupportWD FireWire Support RBCGlyph FireWire Drives:Glyph GD1Glyph GT1Glyph MP1Glyph OS1Glyph FireWire P-Port Lib.Other World Computing Drives:HDST FireWire SupportHDST FireWire Support MOHDST Support RBC

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