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How can I use Cubase and my MotifXS together for song writing and production?

Use the Cubase Import Function
Many times people work on the Motif and record ideas for a song. This is going to be even more true with direct performance recording and the 4 intelligent Arps.

However people often want to finish editing their song on the computer with Cubase.

With the MO series we introduced Quick Setups for working with your computer . One of them is designed for taking tracks in the MO and recording them to a DAW, but of course you have to play the song and actually re-record it in the software.

The Motif XS goes way further. There is an extension to Cubase ( it also works with Cubase 4 and Cubase Studio) so you can open a Motif XS file in Cubase and select songs and even individual tracks in songs to import.
You can pick a Motif Song and directly import it.

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