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Cubase 5 Why have the EQ settings I programmed in my previous version of Cubase changed?

The EQ section has been redesigned in Cubase 5.0. Amongst other changes, the
ability to select between “Hi Quality” and “Standard” EQ modes is no longer avail-
able. The previous “Hi Quality” mode is now the standard mode. Hence, if you open
a Song that was made using the “old” standard EQ mode the settings will not corre-
late. However, if your 3.x Song uses the “Hi Quality” EQ mode exclusively, it will
sound the same in Cubase VST 5.0.
Q: What happened to the “old” VST plug-in effects?
Cubase VST 5.0 comes with a completely new set of VST plug-ins. However, all the
pre-5.0 standard plug-ins are also included, to facilitate playback of Songs made
with earlier Cubase versions. These plug-ins are installed within the VSTplugins
folder, in a subfolder called “Earlier VST Plugins”. In the program, they will appear
on the “Earlier VST Plugins” submenu on the effect pop-up menus.
Q: Why are some audio channels re-used by several tracks?
If you have changed the number of audio channels in the Audio Systems Settings
window, and you open a song that originally used more audio channels than your
current setting allows, the same channels will be re-used by several tracks. ‘This
may inhibit some audio playback since Cubase VST 5.0 cannot play more than one
audio file per channel simultaneously. Please increase the number of audio chan-
nels in order to cure this problem.

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