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How do I create a new song on my AW2816?

In the WORK NAVIGATE section, press the [SONG] key. When the Song List screen appears, move the cursor downward, and press [ENTER] at the NEW
SONG button. You will be asked “Save current song?,” so answer either YES or NO. Then specify the sampling rate (Fs) and number of recording bits (Recbit) that the newly created song will use, and press [ENTER]. Next you will be asked whether you want import mixer data (for details refer to the AW2816′ “Owner’s Manual,” Reference section), but in this case you need not select anything. Now you can input a name for the song that will be
created. Press [ENTER] at OK, and the comment input screen will appear. Unless you want to assign a comment, simply select OK. A new song has now been created on the AW2816’s hard disk.

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