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My CD burner is failing when I attempt to burn an audio disk. What should I do to troubleshoot?

Whether operating on a computer-based CD burner or a stand-alone burner, the first thing you should look for is an error message when the burning process fails. This code may help you find a solution by looking for that answer. Try Sweetwater’s online knowledgebase at https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/ts/ or the manufacturer’s website for solutions.

The most common cause of CD burning to fail is the media itself. This could either be one bad disk, or the brand of blank media itself. Inexpensive bulk media you find at office supply retailers are often made for data storage and not for audio burning and playback. Look for blank CDRs that are made specifically for creating audio CDs. Check with the CD burners manufacturer for recommendations on blank media. In general, most manufacturers will agree that the following blank media is reliable:
Taiyo Yuden
most “gold” type CD (e.g. Kodak Gold).

Some burners (especially software in computer-based systems) offer options like ‘buffer underrun protection’ and the option to create a ‘disk image’ first. Especially with audio CDs the best option to adjust if burning fails is to slow down the burn speed. With newer computers and burners, it’s no longer necessary to burn as slow at 1x speed, but if your burner defaults to a very fast speed (like 32x) try slowing it down to about half of it’s original spedd (e.g. 16x).

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