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Can I use the Fishman TriplePlay with my acoustic guitar?

It is not suggested to use the Fishman TriplePlay with an acoustic guitar. There are a few reasons for this:

  • The TriplePlay is a magnetic pickup and can only work magnetically sensitive strings. There are strings for acoustic guitars that are magnetically sensitive (like the GHS white bronze or the DR zebras). These will help improve the performance on an acoustic guitar, but we cannot guarantee that it will work flawlessly.
  • The TriplePlay needs to be as close to the saddles on the bridge as possible. Because of the nature of an acoustic style bridge, the distance between the pickup and the saddles is larger on an acoustic guitar than an electric guitar.
  • On many acoustic guitar bridges, the string spacing will be wider than what the TriplePlay was designed for. This will cause problems with the pickup.

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