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Authorizing from an iLok License Card.

The new authorization system, called ‘iLok’, stores the plug-In authorizations on a USB dongle. The iLok dongle has a ‘key slot’ for iLok License chips to be inserted into, allowing the user to install/remove authorizations to/from the iLok dongle. The iLok License card is re-useable, and can store up to three different plug-In authorizations. Note each McDSP iLok license card holds only ONE plug-In authorization.

To install an authorization from an iLok License card to a iLok dongle perform the following steps:

* After entering the user registration information as detailed in the previous section, check the ‘Use iLok’ check box in the next dialog
* The iLok dongle can be password protected. Should the user elect to use this security feature of the iLok dongle, a password can be entered/updated. Note the iLok dongle also has an anti-theft-tether-cord loop to secure it to a desktop or other fixed entity. Select ‘Next’ to proceed.
* The iLok dongle can be authorized with an iLok License card by ilok.com. Be sure to enable the ‘Use License Card’ check box. The Authorization wizard allows the user to select to use an iLok License card or installing a challenge response directly into the iLok dongle. This later feature is NOT SUPPORTTED currently. Check www.iLok.com for updates to this capability.
* The iLok License card may now be inserted into the iLok dongle. If the iLok dongle does not appear to be present on the system, be sure the iLok USB dongle is connected to a valid USB port. The green light on the dongle will light when it is ready to receive and transmit data.
* Upon inserting the iLok license card, a message will be displayed indicating the authorization was installed successfully. Click ‘Ok’ is the message dialog.
* A ‘Finished’ dialog is displayed showing what authorization method was used. Click ‘Finish’ to exit the Authorization Wizard.