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Why should I use ADAT lightpipe? I don’t have an ADAT.

The ADAT optical digital audio format is an industry-standard interface for multichannel audio. Originally developed by Alesis Corporation, the ADAT interface transmits 8 channels of digital audio optically (not electrically), preventing ground loops in your studio setup. You can run optical cables up to 10 meters (33 feet) long, creating flexibility in your studio layout – now your A/D and D/A converters can be mounted in a rack, far away from the noises in your PC. You’ll find the ADAT Optical Digital Interface on the original Alesis ADAT and the Fostex RD-8, as well as on the more recent ADAT-compatible tape machines – the Panasonic MDA-1, the Fostex CX-8, the Alesis ADAT-XT and M20, and the Studer V8. Beyond these “modular digital multitracks,” you can find the ADAT optical connector on digital mixers such as the Yamaha O2R and O3D, in addition to signal processors, keyboards, and digital format converters. Of course, you’ll also find it on Frontier Design Group sound cards and converters..

Alesis Corporation publishes a booklet that includes feature lists and information about ADAT-compatible products available from a variety of hardware and software manufacturers. To obtain a copy of this ADAT Group Product Guide, you can contact Alesis Corporation at 310-841-2272 (http://www.alesis.com)

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