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Microphone Month 4
If you were looking for the Blue Sky ProDesk MKIII 5.1 System, it is no longer available.

We recommend these great replacements:

Genelec 8350A 8 Genelec 8350A 8" Powered Studio Monitor
Powered Bi-amplified Studio Monitor with 200W 8" Woofer and 150W 1" Metal Dome Tweeter (each)

Retail Price: $2,595.00
Sale Price: $2399.00
Focal SM9 3-way Powered Midfield Monitor (Left Side) Focal SM9 3-way Powered Midfield Monitor (Left Side)
3-/2-way Powered Studio Monitor with 1" Pure Beryllium tweeter (100W), 6.5" "W" Cone Midrange Driver (100W), 8" W Cone Woofer (400W), and Onboard 4-band EQ with High-frequency Crossover Option - Left (each)

Retail Price: $4,295.00
Save 12% when you buy today!
Sale Price: $3795.00
Focal Trio6 Be 8 Focal Trio6 Be 8" Powered Studio Monitor
450W 3-way studio reference monitor with 8" subwoofer, 5" woofer, and 1" tweeter (each)

Retail Price: $2,995.00
Sale Price: $2795.00
Genelec 8330 Stereo SAM 5 Genelec 8330 Stereo SAM 5" Smart Powered Monitor System
Stereo Studio Monitor Kit with Two 8330A Smart Active Monitors, and GLM V2.0 Loudspeaker Management System

Retail Price: $2,595.00
Save 11% when you buy today!
Sale Price: $2325.00

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