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HDX: The Ultimate Pro Tools System

When nothing but the best music production system will do, it's time to step up to Pro Tools|HDX. What exactly sets a Pro Tools|HDX system apart from any other DAW on the market? You can take a close look at each major part of Pro Tools|HDX — its fantastic DSP processing, its exclusive plug-ins such as HEAT, and the phenomenal hardware interfaces and control surfaces that can revolutionaize the way you make music — but those are only part of the bigger picture. When you're on the clock with big-name artists, crafting the sound for a major motion picture, or locked into a production schedule that doesn't include time for troubleshooting, you can rely on Pro Tools|HDX every time.

The HD Advantage:

Advanced Tools for a Faster Workflow

When you're in a professional environment, it goes without saying that you need the best tools for the job. A comprehensive set of advanced tools is exactly what makes Pro Tools|HDX systems the choice of industry professionals everywhere. Advanced automation modes, VCA mixing, and many other important functions form the basis of Pro Tools|HDX's superior performance. It also offers you many breakthrough technologies that simply aren't found in other DAWs, such as Disk Caching, which lets you load all of your audio tracks into RAM for extremely fast and responsive operation.

Tap Into DSP Processing
with Pro tools|HDX

One of the true advantages of Pro Tools|HDX is its unrivaled digital signal-processing system. There's just nothing else out there that competes with the blazing-fast speed and epic processing power of Pro Tools|HDX's onboard DSP. Each Pro Tools|HDX card comes loaded with powerful coprocessors, effectively adding the processing power of several additional computers to your system. This allows you to run a large number of incredible plug-ins, even in high-resolution sessions. What's more, the Pro Tools|HDX mix engine is also handled by DSP, so you get the lowest-possible latency in addition to fantastic sound quality!

A World of Amazing Plug-ins
to Choose From

Avid's DSP-accelerated technology has been the backbone of professional sound processing for many years, and HDX takes it to a whole new level. Today, Pro Tools|HDX systems are more a part of major music studios and audio production houses than ever before, inspiring the best plug-in makers in the industry to create amazing plug-ins. From Sonnox to McDSP and many others, the list of plug-in makers that take advantage of this remarkable technology is beyond impressive. With Pro Tools|HD, you can tap into this amazing resource, giving your productions the edge they need to stand up to even the most crucial audiences.

HD Interfaces Provide Pristine
Sound Quality

A comprehensive mix engine such as the one used for Pro Tools|HD wouldn't be nearly as impressive if it weren't for the phenomenal sound quality provided by Avid's HD series interfaces. Covering a wide range of configurations in order to provide the right I/O for any studio, HD series interfaces let you choose the perfect mix of digital and analog I/O to meet your needs. From the flexible HD OMNI I/O to the purpose-built HD MADI, there's an interface for any studio style. When you experience the clarity and conversion quality HD interfaces have to offer, you'll know why professionals everywhere swear by Avid's top hardware.

Redefining the Hands-on Mixing Experience

From the simplicity and portability of Avid's Artist Series control surfaces to the complete hardware integration available only with an Avid ICON system, Pro Tools|HD takes hands-on control surface functionality to a whole new level. Choose among a large-format C|24 control surface, an ultra-flexible System 5-MC, or any of the excellent small-format Artist Series control surfaces. If, however, your production demands complete integration, talk to one of our ICON experts about the advantages of an Avid ICON system.

Your Sales Engineer:

The Best Way to Step Up to Pro Tools|HDX

When you're ready to move up to a full Pro Tools|HDX system, you couldn't ask for a better resource, partner, or advocate than your Sweetwater Sales Engineeer. Each of our extremely knowledgable Sales Engineers has had exhaustive training in HD and HDX system configuration and design, often in addition to extensive professional experience running one. We've helped thousands of studios across the country get into Pro Tools, and we'd be delighted to do the same for you.

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