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HD Speed and Quality Meets
Powerful 64-bit Native Processing

If you need the extreme low latency and high sound quality only a Pro Tools|HD system can deliver, but not the DSP-accelerated plug-in power, then a Pro Tools|HD Native system is right up your alley. HD Native lets you choose from Avid's top-quality HD series interfaces, plus you get the extreme speed and flexibility of Pro Tools HD 64-bit software and all of the native AAX plug-ins you already know and love.

Designed for career engineers who prefer to track with outboard gear, laptop-based mobile production rigs, and other applications that don't demand front-side processing, HD Native bridges the gap between Pro Tools 11 and Pro Tools|HDX systems. No hassles, no headaches, no workarounds, and no compromises &emdash; when you go HD Native, you're ready for the big time!

In the Box or On the Go:
Systems to Fit Your Lifestyle

With up to 64 channels of I/O and a native track count of 256 channels, the biggest question isn't what you can do with Pro Tools|HD Native, it's where you want to do it. Fortunately, Avid makes this easy to figure out, by offering both a PCIe-based card version and a Thunderbolt-based desktop version of the HD Native interface.

The traditional PCIe route is perfect for old-school towers, adding a ton of potential to your studio, without taking up precious desktop space, whereas the Thunderbolt model is ideal for modern laptops and compact desktop computers, and it even comes equipped with an audiophile-class headphone amp for quality monitoring in environments that are simply too tight for a set of speakers.

Avid's HD Series Interfaces Take Your Sound to a Whole New Level

One of the biggest advantages to stepping up tp an HD Native system is the amazing lineup of audio interfaces it makes available to you. Avid's HD series interfaces range from the extremely versatile HD Omni I/O to the purpose-built HD MADI I/O. One thing each of these interfaces share in common is their irreproachable sound quality and stability — and for good reason! Avid's high-end digital convertors are second to none, offering the kind of clarity and spacial dimension that separates studio-grade equipment from everyday recording gear. If you only get one chance to capture each take, Avid HD series interfaces are the ones to have.

AAX Plug-ins Bring Pro-level
Processing to the Native Arena

Avid's AAX plug-in format provides the kind of sound quality, stability, and cross compatibility no other plug-in format can claim. Thanks to this groundbreaking approach to plug-in design, more and more plug-ins that used to be available exclusively to DSP-powered Pro Tools systems are making their way into the native production world. With access to studio standard plug-ins such as Avid's Impact compressor and ReVibe reverb engine, it's amazing what kind of quality results you can produce in your native system, and moving projects between HD Native and HDX Pro Tools rigs has never been as easy or as accurate.

Get the Competitive Edge You Need with
an Avid Control Surface

Whether you're setting up an editing suite in a room the size of a phone booth or sitting in the center of a Hollywood mixing theater, Avid offers an appropriate control surface to meet your needs. On the small-scale end of the spectrum, there are the Artist series controllers, which provide a ton of functionality, without taking up much space. The classic
C|24 controller gives you a full 24 motorized faders and eight excellent preamps, along with the basic functionality and wow factor that you can only get from a full-sized console. And if you really want to knock your clients' socks off (not to mention dramatically enhance your workflow), then you need to check out Avid's Icon series controllers, which make mousing around Pro Tools a thing of the past.

Enhance Your Pro Tools Rig with the Perfect Peripherals

Getting the most out of your Pro Tools|HD system is easy, thanks to the extensive array of useful peripherals and optional extras you can add onto your rig. For instance, you can easily add a Sync HD to your system, which acts as an extremely tight master clock with its own built-in clock distribution system, allowing you to keep even the most expansive digital I/O setup perfectly in sync with Pro Tools HD. Adding an Eleven Rack to your HD Native system makes tracking and producing great-sounding guitar tracks as simple as possible. On the video side, Avid's Video Satellite system makes syncing your HD rig with a remote computer running Media Composer perfectly seamless, and if you need to vastly expand your system, options such as Machine Control and Satellite Link let you combine and control more than enough individual Pro Tools|HD systems to meet any production demands.

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