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The Most Flexible Pro Tools Ever Made!

With access to the most extensive collection of reliable plug-ins, support for pro-level HD-style features, and the freedom to use virtually any audio interface you can get your hands on, Pro Tools 10 is by far the most flexible version of Pro Tools ever to hit the market. Whether you're tracking full-size bands or composing original music, you'll find the tools you need in Pro Tools.

On their own, the core Pro Tools software and basic plug-in pack are more than enough to create and record music, and if you're looking for specific sounds, processors, or virtual instruments, you're sure to find what you need thanks to the huge selection of available RTAS and AAX plug-ins available at Sweetwater.com. And if you find yourself in need of more tracks or advanced video integration, you can always upgrade your Pro Tools rig with the Complete Music Production Toolkit 2, which allows Pro Tools to take you from hobbyist to professional.

Mbox Pro: The Perfect Way to Get Into Pro Tools 10

The pinnacle of Avid's long-standing and enormously popular Mbox series recording interfaces, the Mbox Pro puts eight channels of high-end I/O right on your desktop where you need it. Four low-noise microphone preamplifiers bolstered by production-quality convertors give you the kind of detail and clarity you'd normally only expect from expensive studio equipment. A set of Softclip limiters also let you add smooth compression and warmth to your sound, without reaching for your plug-ins. And DSP-based reverb and delay add dimension to your headphone monitor mixes. Best of all, the Mbox Pro comes bundled with a full version of Pro Tools 10!

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Why Choose an Mbox?

Although Avid went through great pains to make Pro Tools 10 compatible with nearly any ASIO- or CoreAudio-compatible interface, their Mbox series interfaces deliver extra stability and functionality to your system. Experience the differernce for yourself!

A Pro Tools System That Can
Grow with Your Studio

Featuring up to 32 recording tracks, 96 audio playback tracks, and advanced professional features such as multitrack Beat Detective, Pro Tools 10 is certainly no half-baked DAW all on its own. But if you need even more out of your audio-production rig, you don't have far to look. With the Complete Production Toolkit 2, you get more of everything you need: more audio tracks (192), more video tracks (64), and more useful functions. In fact, the Complete Production Toolkit 2 unlocks virtually all of the advanced native functions of Pro Tools HD, including input monitoring, the Copy to Send function, and 7.1 surround mixing, just to name a few. Check out the details.

Seamless Integration with
Sibelius and Media Composer

If you're into video production or scoring, then Pro Tools 10 has a lot of great things to offer you. Capable of fully integrating with Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools 10 makes creating and arranging sound for post production second nature. That's because Pro Tools instantly recognizes critical meta data and even directly supports functions such as clip gain — dramatically speeding up your workflow. The same can be said about its integration with Sibelius scoring software, which offers a serious upgrade to Pro Tools 10's already seriously cool integrated notation view.

Get Your Hands on the Mix with
Powerful Control Surface Options

Pro Tools 10 is designed to give you a professional approach to mixing and processing audio and music. One of the key things many seasoned pros swear by is the hands-on style of mixing and editing you can expect from a quality control surface. Avid's Artist series control surfaces, including the Artist Mix, the Artist Transport, and the omni-purpose Artist Control, give you that level of control in a neat, compact-studio-appropriate format.

If you need even more tactile controls, a set of killer preamps, and the wow factor only a large-format mixing console can deliver, then the classic C|24 control surface is perfect for you.

A World of Powerhouse Plug-ins
and Virtual Instruments Awaits

Loaded with over 70 plug-in processors and virtual instruments, Pro Tools 10 offers you major-league production power right from the start. Avid's revolutionary AAX plug-in format provides the kind of sound quality and stability no other plug-in format can claim, giving you the combined benefit of being able to achieve pro-level results quickly, without having to worry about workflow interruptions caused by sudden crashes. What's more, AAX plug-ins allow you to take projects back and forth between your Pro Tools 10 system and DSP-powered Pro Tools|HD systems, making it easier than ever to work with high-end professional studios.

Expand Your Pro Tools Rig with Amazing Aftermarket Add-ons

Need more from your Pro Tools rig? No problem! Thanks to the wide range of incredible plug-ins from Avid and qualified third-party software developers, you'll have no trouble finding the additional processors and virtual instruments you need. For instance, Avid's Reel Tape Suite gives you the long-sought-after sound of analog tape and tape effects, and the Instrument Expansion Bundle loads up your system with five fantastic virtual instruments, including Structure, Strike, Velvet, Transfuser, and Hybrid. And if you're into recording guitar, then you've got to check out Avid's Eleven guitar effects and amplifier emulator, or go all the way with the mind-blowing Eleven Rack hardware interface and effects processor system.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Stepping up from Pro Tools 10 to one of Avid's awesome Pro Tools|HD systems is totally painless. In most cases, you can earn back most or all of your original investment when you take advantage of Avid's generous exchange program. Whether a streamlined Pro Tools|HD Native system or a full-blown DSP-powered Pro Tools|HD system is the right fit for you, your Sweetwater Sales Engineer will help to make this transition as smooth and easy as possible.

Recording TracksPlayback TracksInstrument TracksVideo
DSP & HD Interfaces
Pro Tools 103296641No
Pro Tools 10
with Complete Production Toolkit 2
Pro Tools HD16019212864Yes
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