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Pro Tools — The Industry-standard DAW

Welcome to the exciting world of Avid Pro Tools. As the industry-standard DAW software, Pro Tools is truly in a class of its own. There's a reason why more industry professionals trust Pro Tools than any other DAW, and as soon as you get your hands on this incredible audio production system, you'll understand. From its straightforward user interface to its vast selection of available plugins, Pro Tools has all of the features and functions you need. Simply put, Pro Tools lets you do it all. Music recording, audio editing, scoring, composition, sound design, audio for video, and more – it's all possible with Avid Pro Tools!

Streamlined Workflow

Pro Tools' intuitive and streamlined 2-window layout lets you jump from recording or editing to mixing, without losing sight of your overall project. You can access most functions in multiple ways, including keyboard shortcuts, clickable icons, and drop-down menus. This lets you quickly establish a comfortable workflow, without having to remap keys or set preferences when you move from one Pro Tools system to another.

Skills that Grow With
Your Studio

Pro Tools' workflow remains consistent from one version to the next – all the way through the entire lineup. So, if you learn your way around the Pro Tools Express software that came with your Mbox or Fast Track interface, you can jump over to a full-blown Pro Tools|HDX system without missing a beat. When you use Pro Tools you really are building valuable skills that will stay with you throughout your career.

Complete Systems for
Any Budget

Whether you need a simple system that will let you create demos with drum loops, guitars, and vocals, or a system that will handle the high demands and volume of professional studio work, there's a perfect Pro Tools system for you. And with tons of rock-solid plug-ins, expansion packages, and upgrade options, your Pro Tools system can easily grow to meet your future needs.

Which Version is Right For Me?

Considering the wide range of Pro Tools systems that are available right now, picking out the right version for you may not seem as simple as it really is. The best way to find the Pro Tools setup that best fits your needs is to start by looking at what each system as a whole has to offer, and then figuring out the hardware and software combination from there.

Pro Tools Express
Pro Tools
Pro Tools|HD Native
Pro Tools|HDX

Check out this breakdown of the various Pro Tools systems:

Pro Tools Express

Whether you're an artist recording at home or a die-hard hobbyist looking for a complete all-in-one music-production rig you can expand to fit your needs, then a Pro Tools Express system is right up your alley. Pro Tools Express provides you with everything you need to record, score, and produce music. And since Pro Tools Express comes bundled with Avid’s Mbox, Fast Track Solo, and Fast Track Duo interfaces, it’s the most cost-effective way to experience what this powerful DAW has to offer.

Pro Tools Express Features

  • Part of a complete Avid Mbox, Fast Track Solo, or Fast Track Duo recording system
  • Loaded with over 30 pro-quality plug-in processors and virtual instruments
  • Expand your system with tons of additional plug-ins
  • You can always easily upgrade from Pro Tools Express to Pro Tools 11

Pro Tools 11

For everyone from serious power users to full-time studios, Pro Tools 11 gives you the tools and the flexibility you need to record, edit, and create music or audio on a professional production scale. Whether you're running a versatile Mbox Pro, rocking an Eleven Rack, or equipped with virtually any other audio interface, you'll be able to take full advantage of one of the most flexible native production toolsets money can buy. And thanks to the massive selection of powerful AAX Native plug-ins and available Artist Series control surfaces, you can customize your Pro Tools 11 rig to perfection.

Pro Tools 11 Features

  • Included with Avid Mbox Pro, Pro Tools | Duet, Pro Tools | Quartet, and Eleven Rack recording interfaces
  • Pro Tools works with any Core-Audio compliant or ASIO-compatible interface
  • Integration with Artist Series control surfaces gives you hands-on control
  • You get a full set of professional tools, including multitrack Beat Detective
  • Enhance your system with powerful 64-bit AAX Native plug-ins

Pro Tools|HD Native

When it's time to step up to a music-production system that's built to meet the demands of a professional recording environment, then Pro Tools|HD Native is a great choice. With near-zero latency, the amazing sound of an Avid HD interface, and full access to the full native power of the Pro Tools HD environment, Pro Tools|HD Native lets you step up to the majors

Pro Tools|HD Native Features

  • An affordable way to access the power of the Pro Tools HD software platform
  • Combines blazing-fast I/O with the native processing power of your computer
  • Runs all of the same amazing AAX Native plug-ins available for Pro Tools 11
  • Compatible with Avid HD series interfaces for phenomenal sound quality
  • PCIe and Thunderbolt connectivity allow use with a wide range of modern computers

Pro Tools|HDX

With its incredible DSP-driven plug-ins and mix engine, Pro Tools|HDX systems are the only recording rigs that meet the demands of the most high-profile studios around the world. If you need a system that's 100% bulletproof and ready to handle the intense pit-crew pace of professional audio production, then there's nothing like Pro Tools|HDX!

Pro Tools|HDX Features

  • Get the infinite flexibility of software and the solid stability of hardware
  • Record with the incredible sound of HDX DSP-accelerated plug-ins
  • Ample onboard DSP lets you load up on even the most demanding plug-ins
  • FPGA mix processor frees up DSP for powering plug-ins
  • A versatile hardware system with configuration options for studios of any size

What's the Difference?

Pro Tools Express Pro Tools 11 Pro Tools HD
Maximum Simultaneous
Recording Channels
Maximum Simultaneous
Recording Channels
Maximum Audio
Playback Tracks
Instrument Tracks
Video Tracks
Onboard DSP & HD
Interface Support
*Pro Tools|HD DSP-accelerated system. Pro Tools|HD Native offers up to 64 inputs.
**Pro Tools|HD Native supports HD interfaces but not DSP acceleration.
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