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June 2017 Giveaway

The Ultimate Full-range Guitar Rig!

Line 6

FRFR: The perfect rig
for the
James Tyler Variax!

Get a JTV in your hands, and you can be playing virtually any stringed instrument you like! Choose from 18 vintage electric guitar models, 10 different acoustics, or eclectic instruments like sitar, banjo, and dobro.

It's the perfect guitar for your Line 6 FRFR rig!

POD HD500X + StageSource Loudspeaker

Hear every note and nuance of your carefully-crafted tones with this FRFR (full-range, flat-response) guitar rig from Line 6! From the world-class amp and effect modeling to its outstanding sonic balance, your tone will sound as amazing on stage as it does when you're in your studio!

With the ultra-detailed sound of the POD HD500X processor, and the huge transparent sound of the acclaimed StageSource powered speakers, sonic excellence is yours. If you want maximum tonal consistency and versatility, you need to check out a Line 6 Full-Range Guitar Rig!

Twelve Foot Ninja's Stevic MacKay takes the Line 6 Full-Range Guitar Rig into overdrive

Guitarist Cory Churko takes the Line 6 FRFR on the Kelly Clarkson tour

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Powerful, Precise Sound from StageSource
Clear, precise sound that's perfect for amplifier and cabinet modeling processors!

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The Most Powerful POD to Date
Create your own signature tone with 30 epic amplifier models, over 100 effects, and much more!

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Dozens of Guitars at Your Fingertips
You've got an array of alternate tunings and modeled instruments with the James Tyler Variax!

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