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Telecaster Guitars

Built first to be a lasting legend.

The pride of Leo Fender, the Telecaster began its career in 1950 as the world's first successful solid body electric guitar. After already tasting success with his amplifier designs, Leo Fender was noticing a trend toward louder playing. This brought feedback issues from the hollow-body guitars of the time. Fender remedied this problem by bolting a maple neck to a "slab" of alder or ash, and the Telecaster was born. Another defining feature of this groundbreaking design are the duo of single-coil pickups that deliver a unique twang that cuts through any mix while sounding clear and nuanced. The Telecaster's ability to jump from razor sharp cutting tones to mellow jazz tones makes it the "go to" guitar for country, pop, rock, blues, jazz — and every style in between.


Fender Telecaster Pickups

Single Coil Pickups

The Tele's legendary single-coil pickups produce a distinctive twang and punch with articulate note definition from string to string.

Fender Telecaster Tone/Volume Controls

Single Tone/Volume Control

Twist the knob and go. Fender's player-friendly volume/tone adjustment allows you to achieve your preferred tone consistently, without a lot of fiddling.

Fender Telecaster Cutaway Design

Iconic Single Cutaway Solid Body Design

The Telecaster's solid body cuts down on feedback and delivers singing sustain, while the single cutaway lets you nail those upper-fret passages.

Fender Telecaster Scale Length

25.5" Scale Length

The Telecaster's longer scale creates clear, punchy lower-string notes and bolder top end, contributing greatly to the Tele's legendary sound.

Fender Telecaster Bridge Design

Bridge Design

The Tele's "ashtray" bridge plate adds mass to the guitar's bridge for added attack, while featuring a 3- or 6-saddle design for accurate string intonation.

Fender Telecaster Headstock

6-inline Headstock/String Tree

The Telecaster's straight-pull, 6-inline headstock layout and string tree deliver optimal pressure across the guitar's nut and help maintain your tuning.

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