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Godin xtSA - Light Burst Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Godin xtSA - Light Burst?

Questions about the Godin xtSA - Light Burst?

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  • from Troy, AL February 24, 2016

    Wonderful guitar

    Wonderful, beautiful guitar. I bought this guitar because I play worship music and often need to fill different roles. I run this through a Pod 500x The ability to go from an electric guitar with tube amp breakup to a nice acoustic sound has been incredibly valuable! I just select a different patch, turn up the piezo volume, and I'm off to the races. I have found that the piezo by itself has a very hot and "tinny" sound. I pulled the volume back on that patch to match the level of the electric settings. Since you can use the combined output jack, I also leave the neck pickup turned up when using the piezo. This really mellows out the sound and makes a much fuller, rounder sound. I'm thinking of putting a piezo pre-amp or acoustic simulator in the signal chain just to see if it makes a difference. If I do, I'll update the review. But as is, it is a very passable acoustic tone. I have gotten compliments on how good the "new acoustic" sounds.

    The electric pickups are pretty bright. Maybe it is just my ears due to coming from a semi hollow body to this. However, it fits in our mix nicely and really cuts through when I want it to. So I would say that it sounds great in a full band mix, but a little too bright for solo work (to me). Not a bad thing though, just more information if you're thinking about purchasing.

    The quality of this guitar is amazing! I also love the Light Burst color. Beautiful wood grain look. I really like that the neck has a satin finish. Very smooth and comfortable. Fret height is nice as well for my style of playing (mostly rhythm, a little lead).

    As usual, Sweetwater and Dustin Keesbury were amazing in the purchase process. Dustin was very knowledgable and helpful when I was deciding between this guitar and other choices. He kept me up to date between ordering the guitar, it arriving, and getting some accessories. The guitar was packaged very well for safe travel. Top quality packaging (and candy in the box). A quick string tune, and I was jamming! Love ordering from and working with Sweetwater!

  • from Hartsdale NY February 2, 2016Music Background:
    Professional guitarist/musician

    Product and Experience

    I've been looking at this Godin xtsa guitar for some time, and I finally baught it last year 2015 to add to my collection. I must say, it is a guitar to reckon with, I am amazed at the versatility of tones. The Piezo Pickup is the closest you're going get to an acoustic sound on a solid body guitar. I had a few issues where the bridge pickup got loose, and some other minor problems. I sent it back and they replaced it. That day when I decided to join the Sweetwater team, I have no regrets. Just want to say "BIG UP" to Ed and his team, how amazing you are.

  • from Viborg, SD September 1, 2012Music Background:
    Musician and Audio Engineer

    Love this guitar!

    You can't find a more versatile guitar for this price. The RMC pickups are extremely sensitive, so if you're using the 13 pin cable with a VG-99 or GR-55 (or anythiing similar), make sure to turn down the sensitivity settings on the device to get the best sound. The magnetic pickups have great tone and a wide range of options and the piezo acoustic sound is amazing. This is a great guitar and a great value!

  • from Edmond, OK June 8, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Excellent Guitar

    I have been playing for 40+ years and within the past 5 have started using the roland synth. I was using a Strat but got curious about other Roland ready guitars and found this jewel. Not only is the synth tracking faster and cleaner, the electric and acoustic picup systems are hot and sound fantastic. I would like to have another one of these as back-up. The Roland ready Strat just does not hold up to the Godin

  • from New Franklin, OH December 10, 2016Music Background:
    worship musician, teacher

    My new go to guitar

    I bought this guitar to replace two guitars I sold. It is very easy to dial in the sound I want on this guitar, much easier than my daughter's Framus. The electric tones are everything I need, from thick, warm tones to sparkly single-coil sounds. The acoustic tones are not quite perfect, but close enough to play through a PA. However, it fooled many in the auditorium, and with a dedicated acoustic DI it could sound even closer. The MIDI is fast and tracks better than anything I've played before. Fit and finish are what you would expect, very good. The neck is satin finished and has a good feel to it. I would replace this guitar with another one with if I ever lost it. The honeyburst color is beautiful and looks very classy. Well done, Godin!

  • from Sterling Heights, MI May 7, 2015Music Background:
    Garage, USO, Rock, Country and Contemporary Christian

    Excellent Guitar!

    I play in a worship praise team and for the past three years every time I play this guitar, I fall in love a little deeper. I bought it originally for the synth access to play with my Roland GR 55 but have found the feel and sound to be exceptional without the added sounds.
    I don't have long nimble fingers but with this beauty my hands come alive. Awesome action due to the satin finished mahogany neck with the ebony fingerboard.
    All the hardware are of the highest quality. I know this because I was used to playing crap. The switches are smooth, the pots are silent and when you need to punch through the sound the Humbuckers push right through effortlessly. The acoustic settings are super clean and can be mixed with the other two modes also. With the synth engaged along with the acoustic and the electric, the clarity of the modes is outstanding; no muddy sounds here.
    The only thing I would like to see improved about this guitar is the locking mechanism for the 13 pin cable. Though it has never been an issue, even with the cable wrapped around my strap, I feel there is too much pressure on the connection.
    This guitar is amazing!

  • from July 13, 2016


    This is a really good guitar. It feels and plays great. I've heard of tuning issues but haven't experienced any.
    The electric side, I've heard it isn't a strat or a les paul. Well it isn't. Nor is a les paul a stratocaster. It is a very good all around electric. Only thing I miss is being able to use the neck and bridge humbuckers together but again that wasn't the guitars design. It is still very versatile. The "acoustic" side is a very good mimic(?) of and acoustic guitar especially in a "band" mix. I play Martin acoustics. No it doesn't sound like a Martin. But again a very good alternative option than changing guitars back and forth so much. The synth side tracks flawlessly. It is so well placed I had to turn the sensitivity on my gr-20 to around 5 on each string. If your looking for a good all around guitar with synth access this is it. GREAT buy for the money.

Questions about the Godin xtSA - Light Burst?

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