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Godin xtSA - Koa Top Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Godin xtSA - Koa Top?

Questions about the Godin xtSA - Koa Top?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Massachusetts September 10, 2016Music Background:
    55 years as a guitarist / vocalist / Bass player

    Godin xtSA Koa Top

    The Godin Koa xtsa is an extremely versatile instrument. Talking to Nick Grawcock at Sweetwater last week and he took the words out of my mouth being the xtsa is a much under rated guitar which can be
    used in a multitude of styles and situations. Love the acoustic sound and the blending between the pick ups and acoustic and than topping it off with the Roland GR-55 it's a killer. The sustain is incredible. Also a Bass player and looking at the Godin 5 string Bass in the near future. You won't be disappointed!! I've owned the guitar for approx. 6 months and I've own a lot of high quality guitars but find myself with the Godin almost exclusively now. Also planning on using it in the studio for an up and coming cd. VERY IMPRESSED beyond expectations well worth the investment.

  • from Munster, IN October 10, 2015Music Background:
    50 yrs. & part time working musician

    Fantastic All Round Guitar

    Guitar is stunning to look at and extremely versatile. I was looking for a guitar that could simplify my live playing as well as enhance my recording efforts. This one does it extremely well. Tweak your GR55 and your ready to play. The guitar was in tune out of the box, a testament to Godin's great locking heads. I have played it hard and it is still in tune! Adjust your scale length on the GR55 to 647mm and it tracks perfectly. I went from GK3 pickup and set to Piezzo pickup and it also improved tracking. It really unlocks the GR55.
    Pickup selection in guitar modes gives a pretty good range of options from humbucker to a Strat/Tele twang.
    Go to the Godin site and print the manual and you should be good to go!

  • from Chatham NJ April 20, 2015

    Beautiful instrument

    Unbelievable instrument - the styling and appointments are incredible - the koa wood finish is truly amazing - feels solid in the hands and the quality and craftsmanship of the instrument is incredible - for those of you who haven't tried a godin, I urge you to give It a serious look - The range and quality of sound from the Xtsa is also surprisingly good - humbuckers, single coil, piezo - mix and match them or run the, pure - pure artistry and pure fun!

  • from Murfreesboro,Tn December 10, 2013Music Background:
    Producer / Engineer / Artist

    Studio Guitar Magic

    I learned everything I could learn about this guitar before I made my purchase, which took me about 6 months of reading, researching, and phone calls. Heres my advice to you........
    Don't even think about it, .... just buy it .... and a Roland GR-55 synth.
    It's the best desicion I have ever made purchasing ANY musical gear for my studio, or for my own personal guitar use.
    I am not big on doing product reviews, but I will be on this one, because this guitar deserves every word of it.

    GODIN xtSA
    The guitar is built as well as any LP. Solid Ebony fretboard, solid Mahogany neck, solid Maple body and Poplar wings, Koa wood top,
    2 custom wound HB'S and a custom wound single coil, locking tuners and a floating tremelo bridge. Plays like a million bucks.
    And the guitar has 3 output jacks including a 13 pin stereo synth output, a 1/4 inch electric output, and a 1/4 inch acoustic output.
    So you can track all 3 separate outputs in the studio or live, or combine all 3 outputs thru the 13 pin synth cable and use the left and right 1/4 inch outputs on the GR-55 synth unit, which will give you a left and right stereo combined mix out, for recording or live.
    The guys at Godin didn't play around when they designed and built this guitar. The acoustic guitar sound alone? is worth twice the price.
    Reminds me of a high end Guild or Takamine, a very crystal clear and warm sound that has hit record written all over it.
    The electric guitar sound, reminds me of a clean 335 with the volume rolled down, and when you roll it up, and switch the 5 way blade to just the rear bridge HB, it will crunch with the best of them.
    And thats just the Godin xtSA guitar sound by itself, without any guitar modeling, or synth sounds, or high tech wizardry yet to be involved.

    The Godin xtSA also uses RMC poly drive synth pick ups and acoustic pick ups that are the same synth pick ups used on custom built Parker Fly's and custom built PRS's. Godin and RMC of California, found that by using a Ebony fretboard, vs Rosewood or Maple, combined with their 6 RMC poly drive synth pickups,
    (one built into each string saddle) produced the most superior synth tracking guitar fretboard to date.
    And track it does.
    If you have seen one of the Steve Stevens video's of him ripping off notes faster than I will ever be able to play in ten lifetimes, then you will understand what Godin, Roland, and RMC accomplished in guitar synth tracking.

    This guitar is hand made in Quebec Canada & New Hampshire by the luthiers at Godin, and it is superb in craftmanship in every detail. Buy a hardcase for 99 bucks. because once you actually see it in person?, you will see why it is not something you want to sling around in a gig bag. Although the gig bag that Godin sends with it is the most heavy duty and expensive built gig bag I have ever seen,(and for good reason) still, get a hard case, because you will have this guitar for the rest of your life.

    ROLAND GR-55
    The list of what this machine can do, is a mile long, so I will just touch on some of it.
    When the xtSA guitar, is combined with the GR-55, it will put you into a whole different world of guitar sounds, and onto another level.
    Plug a 13 pin synth cable from the Godin xtSA guitar into the Roland GR-55 synth .... and you will never look at guitars the same way again.

    When is the last time you clicked a rocker switch on your guitar, and instantly you are playing a LP through a 5150 amp head with a
    4-12 cabinet, and with the next click, you are playing a Strat through a Marshall double stack with a 1959 Marshall Super Lead amp head, or a Rick 360 12 string mic'd thru the clean channel of a Vox AC-30, or a 1948 Martin D-28 mic'd direct with a Neumann U-87.
    Uh huh, .... thats what I thought you would say.
    And that is just for starters. That is just a very, very small inkling of what the Godin xtSA guitar and the GR-55 synth combined can do.

    So you spend 1195 for the hand built Godin xtSA guitar, and 699 for the GR-55, which total is about 1900 dollars, well below the price of ANY top of the line hand built American LP or Strat, or PRS.
    And what do you get for that combined total of 1900 dollars???
    (+free shipping, +no tax, +24 mos SAC (57 a month on the SW card)
    .... About $150,000 dollars worth of boutique guitars, amp heads, and cabinets, and renouned effects units, and synthesizer units that neither you,or I, could have ever afforded in its entirety in our lifetime.
    The sounds that the Godin xtSA can produce paired with the GR-55 are unreal. ( Godin built this guitar .... specifically for the GR-55 )
    With the flick of a switch, your xtSA .... turns into a Guild D-40, or a 1948 Martin D-28, or Martin 000-28, or a Rick 360, or Dan Electro with 3 lipsticks, or a LP Std, Gibson 335, LP Junior with P-90's, or Gibson B-25, or a Classsic Strat with 3 single coils, or a Modern Strat with 3 active EMG's, or a Strat with 2 HB's, or a Tele with 2 single coils, or a Coral Electric Sitar, or Mandolin, or Banjo, and 12 string acoustic guitars and 12 string electrics .... that will leave your ears in awe.
    That is most of the guitars. The amp and cabinet list is twice as long.

    Do you see where this is all headed?
    Just get a xtSA and a Gr-55, and you too can have the life shocked out of you, just like I did. It is jaw dropping.
    Its cutting edge technology, and the sounds more than prove it.
    A star studded guitar line up like that at your finger tips, not to mention the world class amps and cabinets and effects, and the mere fact that at the click of a switch you can pull up a world class acoustic or electric guitar, and have a choir and orchestra strings playing behind it .... note for note, and all at the same time.
    It is wicked technology and a studio dream machine when combined.
    Yeah, it will change the way you look at guitars forever, and if it doesn't? I would suggest an immediate and thorough CT Scan.
    There is nothing like it, and you have never heard anything like it.

    This is one of those hidden gems that you don't hear much about, but if you own one, you already know, and if you don't? you will be blown away by the craftmanship and build of this guitar, and so will anyone who is within an earshot of the sounds coming from your Godin xtSA synth guitar and the GR-55 synth. It is awesome.

    I hope this review helps in some small way to anyone considering buying this guitar. Because until you actually have one in your hands,
    you will have no earthly idea of the amazing sound capabilitys of what the Godin xtSA and the GR-55 can produce.
    The GR-55 also has 910 synth sounds to choose from, and you can play 2 PCM synth sounds, a Modeled guitar sound, and the Godin electric and Godin acoustic sounds, and all 5 at one time no less. Thats the Godin xtSA, it is a beast combined with the GR-55.

  • from Las Vegas, NV July 11, 2013

    Follow up to my birthday

    So, I got my xtSA back in just over 2 weeks - again - EXCELLENT customer support! The instrument is really incredible - everything feels great - the action, weight, balance, and neck-width all combine to make a very playable instrument. It just feels good . . . I would buy another Godin product without reservation. I do think needs to take a look at their processes to determine why people tend to have this same problem with their instruments "right-out-of-the-box." But huge kudos to both Sweetwater and Godin!

  • from Escondido January 11, 2016Music Background:
    Rhythm/vocals/late 60/70

    Godin xtSA-Koa Top

    After a slow start with it, tune up and instruction book, the Guitar is all it's advertised to be and then some. A beautiful instrument top to bottom, that play sweet. Still learning tricks to the functions that will only inhence my pleasure.

  • from Kensington, CT. USA March 5, 2015Music Background:
    Experienced Guitarist

    Nice Guitar

    This is a great guitar with lots of options. It is well designed and has great looks. The synth tracks pretty good but you have to dial down the sensitivity to about 10 -15 on the GR-55 otherwise the tracking gets flaky.The only issue I have is the flat neck radius, maybe I just have to get used to it. Other than that it's a versatile guitar that I would recommend to others.

  • from March 18, 2016

    godin xtsa

    This is a really good guitar. It feels and plays great. I've heard of tuning issues but haven't experienced any.
    The electric side, I've heard it isn't a strat or a les paul. Well it isn't. Nor is a les paul a stratocaster. It is a very good all around electric. Only thing I miss is being able to use the neck and bridge humbuckers together but again that wasn't the guitars design. It is still very versatile. The "acoustic" side is a very good mimic(?) of and acoustic guitar especially in a "band" mix. I play Martin acoustics. No it doesn't sound like a Martin. But again a very good alternative option than changing guitars back and forth so much. The synth side tracks flawlessly. It is so well placed I had to turn the sensitivity on my gr-20 to around 5 on each string. If your looking for a good all around guitar with synth access this is it. GREAT buy for the money.

  • from Las Vegas, NV June 25, 2013Music Background:
    Student, player

    Goding xtSA for my Birthday!

    I am shocked Sweetwater even sent me the invite to review! I sent the guitar back after 36 hours of its delivery so I don't really have any playing time with it to review! Once I unpacked it and hooked it up, the synth pickup (first string saddle) did not work at all. I had to send it back immediately. Fit and finish were excellent and the guitar felt great. I am still curious how the instrument made it through the "55-point" inspection - I guess the damage could have occurred during shipping. Very disappointing. That said, the instrument was beautiful and all the other components worked fine. No real time to hear it as I was crushed when synth didn't work . . . I was impressed enough by the instrument to send it back for repair and to try again. I hope my warranty doesn't start until I have an actual, working instrument! Additionally, the support staff has been EXCELLENT and the return process was fast and easy! Sweetwater has had the instrument back for repair for one week now and I am curious to see how quickly they get it back to me. I also completed the questionnaire they include with every purchase, but have heard no responses to my questions.

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