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Joemeek twinQ2 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Joemeek twinQ2?

Questions about the Joemeek twinQ2?

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  • from St. Paul, MN August 21, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engr. Professional Musician, Mechanical Engineer.

    Great Front End

    This processor is as fine a front end as one could ask for.
    I'm an analog guy.
    This thing delivers a very professional sounding analog package with it's Pre/Comp./EQ in stereo!.
    I used it on several guitar and bass tracks already.
    The bass track is freaking RIGHT THERE! FAT & CLEAN!
    The Comp. can be made extremely aggressive if you want some inverse output gain control of a timed envelope of a signal.to balance Bass against Percussion perhaps) It can EASILY handle this type task.
    You can really squash the signal and it's still very musical.
    The EQ really shines! Just a very sweet, musical sounding EQ.
    Bottom line is that you can get THAT sound, and get there pretty quickly, with zero patching.
    The preamp is strong and clean. The xfmr in line with or, optionally in line with either line OR Mic input. (switchable) (It's a very nice flavor.)
    .It has really nice GR/VU meters, and other gain indicating LEDS as appropriate. Oh, and it's built like a brick you know what!
    It's really a very pro piece.
    Only thing I may have opted for, I would have included a high voltage vacuum tube Pre option.
    That would REALLY smooth this unit even more, with many more options to putting a packaged sound together.
    I would have also added individual I/O for each unit so you could use the Pre Or, the EQ, or, The Comp, individually, in STEREO!
    It does have an obligatory Digital out, but I didn't buy this unit to chop up a signal, I bought it to create a packaged, professional sound suited to the dynamics of a recording chain.
    If I have to record digitally, this unit REALLY helps you put your sound from your head to your ears, using the Joe Meek.
    It has already become my favorite tool in my studio.
    That says something to me! I would not hesitate to try out this unit!
    I've been playing instruments, and recording them since the 60's.
    I'm hoping I still know a 'sound' when I hear it!
    Twin Q 2 delivers! Did I mention it does everything in STEREO/DUAL MONO?

  • from St. Paul, MN July 27, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar, Producer/Engineer, Recordist

    Twin Q2 Rocks!

    Absolutely AMAZING unit. A REAL nice Pre, a very broad and musical compressor, and a semi parametric EQ to establish post compression tone in spades and an over all output control.....IN STEREO!
    The tones and controlled gain package I am now able to create on demand, far exceeds my prior arrangement with separate units.
    So it's faster, more convenient, sounds like magic, is all analog (cept for a digital output in parallel) And is the most dramatic change my studio has undertaken in it's entirety. It is truly a great sounding unit, and built to last!
    The Optical compressor is THE only way to go for natural sounding compression. It also gives your sound dynamic character!

  • from NY May 1, 2015Music Background:
    Engineer, Musician, Mastering

    Noisy Trashy Vintage Tone for Less

    The Bad: This unit is noisy, to the point of annoyance. I own three, and they are all that way. The digital i/o is tempermental and the conversion quality is most likely no better or worse than the conversion on your audio interface. The TwinQ does NOT sound like the old Joemeek units, and is made much more cheaply, and with a different transformer than the originals. The mic pres are only kind-of O.K., and don't offer the amounts of clean gain advertised. They get distorted quickly, and not in a pleasing NEVE 1073 type of way. I could go on about the other cons to this unit, but....

    The Pros: The TwinQ2 is great fun! With the transformer engaged, you CAN hear a difference. A good one. The optical compressor sounds different than other optos out there. It's aggressive, trashy, and fast enough to use on drums. Used to the extreme, it's kind of like an Opto version of an 1176 with all buttons in. It makes electric basses and synths sound huge. It squashes with impunity. Strapped to the main outs of an MPC, it gives drum loops a dirty, filthy, 90s boom bap hip hop vibe. On rock drums and bass, it's instant indie hipster dirt.

    The eq is useable and as another reviewer posted, is great for complimenting the compressor. The TwinQ is more of an effect device than an all-purpose audio tool for me. It has a sonic signature that isn't great on most sources... But it really shines when the material is right. I would never use it as my one and only channel strip, but this is also coming from someone who owns three. For a studio front end, it's worth saving for something with more gain, versatility, and better specs. I'd recommend the Daking stuff over this for someone on a budget.

  • from Fort Wayne, IN February 17, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter, Recording Hobbyist

    Nice Front End, Not Without Shortcomings

    I would like to be objective as possible. While I'm giving it a 3.5 Star rating, it's actually pretty good, but no where near perfect.

    Pros: The TwinQ2 is a very good dual channel strip. The Preamps have enough input/output gain for anyone. The optical compressors squash very nicely without being too noticeable. And the Meekquilizers keep everything very musical, allowing you to customize your inputs to the best sonic possibilities. The "Iron" transformer button adds a nice color to your inputs...a kind of old school feel to it. Very nice. Both channels of the compressor can be linked, but you can still adjust post outputs individually. This allows you to avoid phasing problems and yet still control levels for more flexibility. The instrument level inputs on the front panel are very handy, and helpful that you don't have to plug into the rear of the unit. The VU meters are responsive and useful And plus the unit just looks friggin' cool. Overall, a quality channel strip.

    Cons: Missing A de-esser, which would have been nice, and a noise gate would have been very handy too. But whining about what isn't there is a bit silly. I knew what I was getting. I do think the unit is not as quiet as it should be, though that may be a power issue on my end and not the fault of the unit. Hard to say. But I definitely detected a bit more noise than I would like. But with enough gain in the mix, this isn't necessarily a show stopper. The biggest con I found was that I'm already picking up noise in the movement of the potentiometers. Brand new units shouldn't have this. It's not horrible, but definitely present and as with all pots, it will only get worse. Not what I would expect from a unit priced over a grand.

    Overall, I think this Joemeek is a useful and nice sounding unit. I can only hope the pot noise doesn't make me regret this purchase.

Questions about the Joemeek twinQ2?

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