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36-channel Digital Live Mixer with 24 Mic/Line Ins, Total Mix Automation Control, and 12 Aux Sends
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Mackie TT24 image 1

Sorry, the Mackie TT24 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Mackie TT24
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The Live Digital Mixer From Mackie!

The Mackie TT24 is the first mid-sized digital console exclusively developed for live sound use. The TT24 is a fully digital 24-bit/96k console, so it gives you full automation and recall of levels, EQ, effects, routing and virtually everything else in your mix. And, like Mackie's famous analog mixers, the TT24 has tons of analog I/O and is fast, friendly and flexible. So you can step right up and mix better from day one!

Mackie TT24 Digital Live Console at a glance:
  • 24-bit/96k digital mixing console designed exclusively for live applications
  • Total recall of settings, including levels, dynamics processing, EQ, routing, mutes, etc.
  • 24 mic/line inputs with 4-band Parametric EQ/Comp/Gate/HPF standard
  • 8 Line inputs with 4-band Parametric EQ (stereo linkable)
  • Onboard 36 x 28 analog I/O; 28 x 28 digital I/O
  • Turbo Touch section featuring 5-inch touch screen LCD, 12 knobs and 8 Quick Mix buttons

A Mackie standard: tons of analog I/O!
Before the TT24, mid-size digital consoles had historically been developed as production consoles, with live features added as an afterthought. They were notoriously limited in terms of mic channels and outputs. The TT24's rear panel, however, is busting with analog I/O: 24 mic/line channels, 8 line inputs, 2 CD/Tape inputs, Talkback Mic input, L/R & C (mono) Main outputs, 12 Auxiliary sends, and 8 Group/Matrix outputs. You can also expand the TT24 using optional I/O cards, and even link two consoles together for a mondo 48-fader/72-input version.

Flex Groups for personalized group faders!
The TT24's Flex Groups consist of 8 groups individually configurable as mono, stereo or VCA-style groups with dedicated group faders. You can tailor these groups specifically for your application, whether it's traditional analog-style Mono groups, Stereo groups on a single fader, or VCA groups - a feature not available on any console, digital or analog, at this price. Of course, the TT24's Flex Group faders are in addition to the 24 channel faders to avoid bank switching during normal operation.

Matrix Plus for additional submixes!
The TT24's Matrix Plus is a type of digital patching not possible with any analog console. Basically, the TT24 lets you patch any source into the Matrix, providing you with additional sub-mixes for cry rooms, green rooms, broadcast, recording and monitoring. So the next time you need to run another mix, it's not a problem: your TT24 can handle it!

Aux Mode equals instant monitor console!
Using Aux mode, the TT24 can be turned into a full-featured professional monitor console with a single button press. (To make things easy, we made Aux Mode the only blue button on the console.) In Aux mode, the TT24's 24 channel faders become Aux Send levels, while Group faders become Aux Send masters. This makes the TT24 a great front-of-house console or an ideal monitor mixing console.

USB connection and Control Software helps you program mixes
TT Control Software mirrors the console's LCD touchscreen, providing a big color interface on a PC using a single USB connection.

Mackie TT24 Digital Live Console features:
  • Onboard 36 x 28 analog I/O; 28 x 28 digital I/O
  • Turbo Touch section featuring 5" touchscreen LCD, 12 knobs and 8 Quick Mix buttons
  • Twenty-nine 100mm motorized faders with full recall
  • 28 multi-function V-Pots with metering
  • 12 Aux sends with 4-band parametric EQ, dual Kill filters and Comp/Limiter (stereo linkable)
  • Left/Right/Center (Mono) outputs with 4-band parametric EQ, dual Kill filters and Comp/Limiter
  • TT Control software for operational monitoring and console control via desktop or laptop PC and single USB connection
  • Aux Mode for instant conversion into monitor console
  • 11 x 8 Matrix Plus allows patching any desired signal into the matrix
  • 99 mixer snapshots per show
  • 8 user-definable Flex Groups
  • 2 rear-panel card slots for I/O and effects expansion
  • Dual console linking via optional communication card

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Manufacturer Part Number 0007620-90

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