Roland V-Drums TD-20 No Longer Available

Percussion Sound Module w/Advanced V-Editing and Onboard Sequencer
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Roland V-Drums TD-20 image 1

Sorry, the Roland V-Drums TD-20 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Roland V-Drums TD-20
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Nothing Beats Roland's Flagship Percussion Module!

The heart of the V-Pro Series TD-20S-BK drum kit, the TD-20 Percussion Sound Module is filled with new sounds and functions, superb expressiveness and in-depth V-Editing. The TD-20 lets you express yourself more naturally and with more realism than ever before!

An Entirely New V-Drums Module for Ultimate Playing and Editing Power!
The new TD-20 is Roland's best percussion sound module ever. The TD-20 offers the ultimate sonic quality with over 500 new sounds, plus superb expressiveness and dynamic range when used with the new PD-125BK/105BK V-Pads and VH-12 V-Hi-Hat. Its superior sensitivity lets you play more naturally and without having to adjust your playing technique. The TD-20 includes the ability to vary rim shot and bass drum sounds depending on how you play. New interval control makes for better snare drum rolls and more realistic cymbal swells. Close your eyes. Listen to every articulation and sound being faithfully re-created until the moment your cymbal fades away, and you'll swear these are real acoustic drums!

Enhanced Performance Features Allow Maximum Sound Control
Whether used live or in the studio, the TD-20 offers a host of powerful features designed to make life easy. Eight group faders are provided for adjusting the relative levels of each part (snare, kick, hi-hat, etc.). 15 individual compressors and EQs let you sculpt each sound to perfection. The TD-20 also includes a 5-part sequencer loaded with preset backing patterns (and plenty of room for your own) plus onboard Ambience effects, a stellar multi-effects processor and more. A new Mastering Room lets you add compression and EQ on the overall sound, while 10 analog outputs and a S/PDIF digital output give you plenty of options when mixing live or in the studio.

More Powerful V-Editing Lets You Tweak to Your Heart's Desire
The TD-20 gives you even greater modeling power using Roland's latest COSM technology. Vastly expanded for unlimited expression, the TD-20's V-Editing starts from careful analysis of an entirely new set of drum sounds. The result captures every nuance of the real thing-including every moment of drum vibration and complete customization capabilities. You can now select from several types of kick beaters including felt, wood and plastic. Cymbal sizes can also be changed, along with the type of "sizzle" (i.e. rivets or chain), and the microphone position. The TD-20 even lets you add realistic snare drum "buzz" that matches the type of snare drum selected. It's the subtle nuances like these that really make TD-20 ideal for performance and recording.

Convenient CompactFlash Storage and More
New to the TD-20 is a CompactFlash slot that lets you store custom drum kits and sequencer patterns with optional memory cards. An expansion bay on the underside saves room for upgrades down the road. The TD-20 also features Roland's V-LINK technology. Using an optional video editor from Edirol, drummers can trigger images or change cameras from the pads or kick.

Roland TD-20 Features:
  • Percussion Sound Module with over 500 new sounds, improved dynamics and sensitivity
  • 15 dual-trigger inputs, 10 audio outputs and digital output, 8 group faders and built-in sequencer, Mastering Room and more
  • All-new V-Editing includes modeled snare buzz, kick beater selection, and greater cymbal customizing (i.e. size, "sizzle," mic positions)
  • Expansion slot for future upgrades and enhancements
  • CompactFlash storage and V-LINK*

*V-LINK requires optional Edirol DV-7PR with software version 1.50 or higher.

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Robby Resnick

When I first pulled the TD-20 out of the box, I noticed a couple of quick things that warmed me up. Already familiar with Roland's drum module interfaces as an owner of the TD-10, it was nice to see the trigger inputs were no longer stacked on the back and two rows. The CompactFlash slot had moved to the front of the unit, a brilliant move so that drummers can actually change it without reaching behind the module! But the most stunning advancement was the layout of the front panel. Roland, understanding the needs of drummers, has seemingly started shying away from the "make it compact" attitude. While the TD-20 is a little heftier than than most other drum modules, the flagship module now has some space to spread things out. In short, easily accessed effects are right there at my fingertips. What used to take me a few button clicks to modify reverbs and effects now take me a few less button clicks. And that can mean all the difference when time is not on my side. When the unit was powered on, I found myself back in familiar territory. Leave it to Roland to make a good thing better! The software on the TD-20 is nearly identical Roland's other drum modules. All of the routing and instrument editing is still in the same, easily navigated menus... but now it's easier! I've often found that, in other modules of this class, a user must select the "head" sample and the "rim" sample separately. And this is still the case on the TD-20... however, Roland was kind enough to match "heads" and "rims" to one another as well. So now, selecting an entirely new drum ("head" and "rim") is just the turn of a dial, but you can edit further. This has always been a pet peeve of mine and I'm glad we're past that era! Most notably, the V-Edit engine has received some major improvements! I have often found artificial changes to artificial instruments feel artificial. The samples begin to lose their subtle characteristics that make them sound like drums! But Roland has put a lot of time in trying to get it right, and I have to say well done. Shell edits now resonate like the shells they are modeled after, assuming the characteristics of the instrument AND the material it is made of. Dampeners no longer feel like they cut the samples short. Rather, they actually modify the tone and response of the instrument. I appreciate the efforts Roland has put forth in making a good thing better. Any drummer interested in electronic drums should really take a hard look at this module. It is simple, but deep. And extremely flexible.
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