sE Electronics sE X1 D

Large-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone, with 10dB Pad and Low-cut Filter
sE Electronics sE X1 D image 1
sE Electronics sE X1 D image 1
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sE Electronics sE X1 D
Special Order

This Mic Reacts Fast for Drums and Percussion

You'll capture all the thump and snap of your kick drum right at the source with the sE Electronics sE X1 D large-diaphragm condenser microphone. With a capsule designed to be stiffer for better transient response, the sE X1 D delivers outstanding detail and clarity with acoustic drum kits and other percussion instruments. Recording engineers at Sweetwater know that even the snappiest drums won't sound their best unless your mics can handle the fast transients. You'll capture every detail and nuance when you record with the sE Electronics sE X1 D condenser mic.

sE Electronics sE X1 D Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone at a Glance:
  • Specifically tuned for stellar drum recordings
  • Cardioid by design for the perfect balance of tone and isolation
  • Switchable pad and bass rolloff provide added versatility
Specifically tuned for stellar drum recordings

When you're recording percussive sound sources like drums, or even piano for that matter, you need a microphone that can react extremely fast to the transients. Even a missed millisecond of audio can turn snappy drumming into muddy thumping. The sE X1 D is based on sE's acclaimed X1 mic, but with a stiffer diaphragm that reacts faster to transients. You'll capture a lifelike sound that holds up well to compression and EQ during mixing.

Cardioid by design for the perfect balance of tone and isolation

Multipattern mics are great when the job calls for extra versatility, but a fixed cardioid condenser microphone like the sE X1 D offers consistency and a simpler, more direct signal path. The result is a kind of clarity and low-noise performance you're bound to hear in your mix. And since, in the majority of cases, you're going to want a cardioid polar pattern anyway, the sE X1 D provides the performance you need, without making you pay for features you may not need.

Switchable pad and bass rolloff provide added versatility

The sE X1 D offers you a couple of tricks that will help you get the best possible sound, right at the source. There's an onboard highpass filter which serves double duty by cutting out any low-frequency vibrations coming up through the mic stand, and also by mitigating the proximity effect you'll get when you place your mic very close to your sound source. If that's not enough to keep your preamp from overloading, just kick in the sE X1 D's -10dB pad for the extra headroom you need.

sE Electronics sE X1 D Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone Features:
  • A large-diaphragm condenser microphone that's tuned specifically for drums and percussive instruments
  • Stiffer 1" capsule provides incredibly fast transient response and detail
  • Fixed cardioid polar pattern provides tonal consistency and excellent off-axis sound rejection
  • Switchable -10dB pad lets you get the extra headroom you need when miking loud sound sources
  • Switchable highpass filter cuts out low-frequency rumble and reduces proximity effect
  • Extremely durable black rubber paint finish holds up like a champ even with heavy use
  • Requires +48V phantom power
Capture every detail with the sE Electronics sE X1 D condenser mic!

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Tech Specs

Microphone Type Condenser
Mono/Stereo Mono
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Pads -10 dB
Color Black
Connector XLR
Manufacturer Part Number sE X1 D

Customer Reviews

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Great for what it does

The X1D is a great mic, very snappy and deep. I usually use either a D6, 52, or D112 (or some combination of the aforementioned) for kicks but because I love my X1's so much I decided to pick up the X1D and it does not disappoint. I won't say that the X1D will replace my other "kick" mics but it certainly has its place and I'm liking the response especially on heavier style music. I haven't tried it on any other sources yet but mainly I bought it for kicks (pun intended). Great job SE, keep em coming!

Extremely Fast Attack/Decay.. Emphasizes Transients Only

This mic has a specialized and slightly "cold"...because of the titanium capsule, it captures EXTREMELY FAST transient material, from the lowest bass to the highest buzz. The titanium quickly bounces back into place, giving the string-pluck or drum-thump a fast decay/release, so it over-emphasizes the initial attack (i.e. like a super-fast gate or compressor). WOW! Did you get that? I would use this for close-miking any drum, especially kick, low tom, or cajon. I can see it excelling at acoustic standing bass. But in the case of piano or guitar, I would use it in conjunction with a second, different mic to capture the roundness and warmth of the rest of the signal (not just the transient attack). BTW, I noticed it even has sE X in the name! Ah those Chinese! Note: Because of the Titanium capsule, this mic will sound muddy and requires a heavy (HEAVY) EQ Dip between 200-400Hz. Cheerio.
Music background: Recording Engineer/Producer

I love it! Awesome on the kick!

I was looking for something other than the usual suspects for a kick mic, wanted to try something new... Mike at sweetwater suggested I give this mic a shot. I put this mic up in a few different positions, and I have loved it in all of them! There is no unnatural hype on the high end, trying it in all the normal positions it kept a very quick and tight response. No matter where I put it i was able to use a little eq and have a nice control over how much top end click I got, it starts with very little and you can add as needed. I would much rather have this than a bunch of hype I have to pull out, But, No matter where you put it, its gonna thump! I landed on leaving it in the kick, with the capsule facing towards the beater at a slight angle, super tight modern rock sound but smooth, not over hyped. I could use this mic on a kick for all genres because I felt with different positions you could get whatever you're looking for. Nice smooth low bump to super thumpy with a nice batter transient to cut through the mix. I also threw it up as a mono Overhead real quick just to see... I found it to be very smooth on the cymbals, tight and full on the toms snare and kick, I wish had a couple more of 'em to try in a recorderman or Glynn Johns.
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