sE Electronics DM1 Dynamite 1-channel Active Inline Preamp Reviews

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Questions about the sE Electronics DM1 Dynamite 1-channel Active Inline Preamp?

Questions about the sE Electronics DM1 Dynamite 1-channel Active Inline Preamp?

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  • from May 2, 2019

    Yup, works as advertised

    I recently bought a matched pair of mics for our two vocalists. They're nice, but have lower output than the cheap mics we've been using, and I had to turn the preamps on the mixer up pretty high (above about 80%) to get acceptable output. I thought I'd take a chance on one of these and see if it helps, and so I did a side-by-side comparison. I get roughly the same volume now with the mixer preamp turned only to about 40%. Way more headroom than I need. Nice simple inexpensive solution. I'm buying the second one.

  • from March 21, 2019

    Best of it's kind.

    I use the DM1 with a Shure SM7b, a notoriously gain-hungry microphone. I also use a Focusrite Scarlett Solo Second Generation with it. This piece of equipment allowed me to drop my gain to about 35-40% virtually eliminating any Pre-amp noise. I definitely recommend this, especially if you use an SM7b.

  • from March 16, 2019


    I have an Sm7b and needed a boost for it. This piece of equipment right here definitely did the job. No hissing noises at all. It"s a very nice in-line mic pre and definitely at a very good price!!!!!!!!!!

  • from Winston Salem NC January 21, 2019Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    It Works !!

    My 3 piece band can get loud and vocals get lost. I used this for the first time last Sat, and IT WORKS !!
    My vocal volume setting is now half what it used to be. Does just what it says. No coloring of the sound.

    You have to be sure to push the Phantom Power on the mixer which has no effect at all on the other channels.

    You won't be disappointed.

  • from Ligonier, IN January 12, 2019Music Background:


    It's a much better value than a Cloud Lifter. Go for it!

  • from Colorado January 2, 2019Music Background:
    Decades of recording and mixing, video and audio

    Real Dynamite!

    Although I haven't been recording live shows for years, I have wished I had more clean gain for some dynamic mics and ribbons in my studio. The Dynamite looked like a possible solution, so I talked my
    'better-half' into getting me one for the holidays. Running quick sound tests with a couple mics indicated it really does pump up the gain. And using a variable input impedance preamp, the gain stays constant until the load drops below 300 Ohms (dropped about 3 db with a 150 Ohm load).

    I ran quantitative tests with Room EQ Wizard and found the gain of mine to be 28.9 dB and the noise level almost unmeasurable (about 0.4 uV referenced to the input, or -125.7 dBu, which meets the published spec). Distortion is low, 0.1%, constant level from 10 Hz up to 12 kHz, and almost entirely second harmonic. I can't measure audio above 24 kHz in my studio, so 12 kHz is the highest frequency I can use to measure a second harmonic, and a second harmonic 60 dB below the fundamental is inaudible.

    From my tests the Dynamite truly meets its claims with lots of clean gain, ability to drive a low impedance, and is very ruggedly built.

  • from November 25, 2018

    Dynamite Pre-Amp

    Works great with the SM7B

  • from October 27, 2018

    It's beautiful when a product works as advertised.

    I learned when trying to make some spoken word recordings that the SM57 needs a big preamp boost which my interface (a Zoom H4n) did not provide. Using 100% gain yielded at tops a -20 dB level for normal speech. The quality of the signal was muffled and there was a ton of room noise. With this product I could reduce the gain to 50 and get a sparklingly clear signal. I was also able to speak farther from the mic, which was a better capture for my voice.

    I chose this over the Cloudlifter for my application to reduce the need for another mic cable and to save a little money. I'm glad I did. The simplicity of use is just as great as its performance. Remember you will need to supply phantom power, however.

    Thanks to Aaron Regenold for alerting me of this new product. I wouldn't have heard of it by myself.

  • from Reading, PA February 7, 2019Music Background:
    Engineer. Producer

    Clean and Solid Signal Boost

    I can't compare it to the Cloudlifter, but I can say that it greatly improved the sound of my Shure SM7B. I have a much cleaner signal now. I like how I can plug it directly into the mic itself so I don't need to use a second cable.

  • from Asheville, NC November 14, 2018Music Background:
    YouTuber, Studio Owner, Recordist

    Lots of gain for sure

    Overall thoughts:
    You can talk into an SM7B with a Behringer UMC404HD interface and need no additional gain in order to have a recording level of -18 in the DAW. Great for spoken word for both the SM7B and R121 with no additional gain needed from inexpensive interfaces like the UMC404. It seemed that I was getting around 30 dB of gain out of the Dynamite in my own tests, but this could be too much gain for anything louder than acoustic instruments. There's a YouTube video of these tests.

    Fantastic for spoken word, podcasting, and acoustic instruments. You can use a dynamic mic or passive ribbon mic (Such as the Royer R121) for quiet sources like shaker, acoustic guitar, mountain dulcimer, or banjo.

    The sound is very good. I got a little more high end out of the microphones, and it seems that the dynamics were a little more lively and dynamic. Transients just a touch more punchy. This was a big plus.

    My Reservations:
    Any source that is loud you will NEED a pad on your preamp. It'll be too much gain. In my SM7B into the Behringer test, a singer would have been too loud. Use the 20 dB pad and you will be fine. It's also too much gain for bass guitar, electric guitar with OR without the pad. It was just way too much gain and the preamp was overdriven. Drum overheads with passive ribbons might be ok if used with a pad at the preamp.

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