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sE Electronics sE2200a II C Reviews

4.5 stars based on 35 customer reviews
Questions about the sE Electronics sE2200a II C?

Questions about the sE Electronics sE2200a II C?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Patrick Schaefer

    When I was looking for a great mic to track demos and didn't have a large budget, I added the sE Electronics sE2200a II C to my collection. I was impressed with the versatility that this mic had to offer. I use it to mic both my Gibson J-200 and vocals. It gives me all the clarity and presence that the J-200 deserves. I would recommend this as a great addition to any mic locker, big or small.

  • Charlie Davis

    The sE Electronics sE2200a II C is such a great all-around mic. I have one in my home studio and it works great for tracking my guitars, as well as vocals. The main feedback I get from customers who buy this is that it sounds more expensive than it costs, and who isn't a fan of great bang for the buck?

  • Kenny Bergle

    What a GREAT mic! I love selling these as people just FREAK when they hear it in their own studio and thank me profusely! If you don't have a great condenser mic in your arsenal, you need an sE Electronics sE2200a II C !!!!

  • Stuart Niven

    The sE Electronics sE2200a II C is a fantastic mic for the home studio on up! It's built like a tank and the quality can be seen and felt striaght away. It sounds like a much more expensive mic (they even hand-tension the capsule, just like the way vintage mics were made!) If you have a home/project studio, get the eE2200a II C!

  • from Hungary May 6, 2017Music Background:

    Excellent, versatile microphone

    I've been using this microphone in my home studio and for some rehearsal room recordings for about a year and I am very happy with it. It is versatile, has an excellent sound, great value for price and even looks good... I recommend whole heartedly!

  • from Blue Springs, MO May 2, 2017

    Officially in the large condenser family!!!

    I know that most who read this probably won't take too much into my review because this is my first large condenser mic purchase but I don't care because I have to get it out there! I upgraded to this mic from a Blue Yeti usb mic and I am SOOOO glad I did. I admit I was nervous with anticipation because I wanted it to be great and outstanding, man was I not disappointed!!! This mic picks up a fly's fart down in Africa!!! I am having to push myself to make better vocal recordings because this mic has shown me that I wasn't sounding as good as I thought I was on the Blue Yeti! It is just fantastic on picking up the lows in my voice, when i want to emphasize the lows even more, I just move in an inch or two towards this beast and the sE2200a II C does the rest. I am in love with this mic and just recently added a preamp to the signal and it just keeps getting better. I also like the high pass filter switch a lot and use it quite often and love the results come mix time. I definitely will be a sE customer in the future as I have my eyes on the Gemini already LOL. Get this mic, it is a gem :)

  • from Blue Springs, MO May 2, 2017

    Officially in the large condenser family!!!

    I know that most who read this probably won't take too much into my review because this is my first large condenser mic purchase but I don't care because I have to get it out there! I upgraded to this mic from a Blue Yeti usb mic and I am SOOOO glad I did. I admit I was nervous with anticipation because I wanted it to be great and outstanding, man was I not disappointed!!! This mic picks up a fly's fart down in Africa!!! I am having to push myself to make better vocal recordings because this mic has shown me that I wasn't sounding as good as I thought I was on the Blue Yeti! It is just fantastic on picking up the lows in my voice, when i want to emphasize the lows even more, I just move in an inch or two towards this beast and the sE2200a II C does the rest. I am in love with this mic and just recently added a preamp to the signal and it just keeps getting better. I also like the high pass filter switch a lot and use it quite often and love the results come mix time. I definitely will be a sE customer in the future as I have my eyes on the Gemini already LOL. Get this mic, it is a gem :)

  • from GA May 2, 2017


    I have been playing guitar and singing for 55 years and prefer acoustic playing. What I hear with my guitar in hand is never reproduced. My affordability kept me on the lower end of microphones. The sE 2200a11c has opened up a new door for me. I can hear crisp highs and rich lows on my acoustics and my gravelly old voice. I am well pleased with this Mic that didn't break the bank.

  • from February 24, 2017


    Amazing product, great shipping, great customer service I was completely satisfied with my purchase I will be coming to sweetwated again to make my next purchase on more studio equipment. Thank you!

  • from Bruce, Ms February 16, 2017Music Background:
    Lifelong gospel quartet singer, songwriter and musician

    New SE2200a mics

    I have a small studio, but I like a great vocal and acoustic sound for my projects. The SE mics and the reflections setup are awesome. I am cutting four vocals at once on four of these in the same room and get great separation . I cut fills with a Martin guitar and the tone came through the best I had heard. For the money they are well worth it!!

  • from EAST SIDE LONG BEACH March 9, 2016Music Background:



  • from November 20, 2015

    Great mic for the price.

    Sweetwater is very lucky to have Chris Jenkins as one of their best sales reps. He's very knowledgeable, patient and helpful in answering all my questions. He's great with giving recommendation at any price range. Of course it's up to the buyer what he can afford. You can tell how enthusiastic he is about his job. I'm very thankful to assist me in buying the SE microphone at a reasonable price.

    The microphone works great as expected. If you are just starting with home recording, this a great mic for its value. It has very low noise. I paired this with SE Space Filter.

  • from October 20, 2015

    Great Sound, Flexibility and Versatility

    We've used the mic for vocals, sax, acoustic guitar. It's very forgiving - I don't have to spend a lot of time looking for a sweet spot, so the musicians love it. The vocal sounds has that crisp, articulated top end and it delivers a warm, intimate body. And what a great price! Thanks Andrew Miller for turning us on to it.

  • from Silver Spring September 4, 2015Music Background:
    Producer / Musician

    Very well pleased

    I was debating between this mic and a Rhode NT1A. I had used the Rhode before, so i took a chance with this one... Let me tell you, i did not go wrong. The detail on the highs is so much more well rounded, NOT HARSH at all. Decent bottom, and great mic overall, not much processing needed to get a sweet sounding vocal from it.

  • from Richmond, VA April 4, 2015Music Background:
    Singer Songwriter

    Great Mic

    Has added a quality to mu vox I was sorely lacking!

  • from Ashland, Ohio March 5, 2015Music Background:

    Ben Porter comes thru again!

    It does it's job. Works well no surprises.it was recommended by the sales staff at Sweetwater, and I am well pleased with what it's doing.

  • from NH, USA November 2, 2014Music Background:

    Incredible, natural sounding mic

    I recently got the chance to try out a few Neumann mics (not buy them) and decided to A/B them with my 2200a. Turned out the TLM 103 (about $1100) sounded a LOT like the 2200a. There were some minor differences (the TLM did a little better with handling sibilance and had a little more mid presence) but I couldn't see a mind blowing $800 price difference. This mic is incredible for the price.

    I really like using this mic for acoustic guitar and anything that needs a natural, lively sound. It's smooth across the frequency range with a little bit of high-end sparkle (not harsh or ear piercing however). It's also great on vocals but for some vocalists it may have too much of that high-end bump. But vocals sound very natural regardless.

    I find it's also pretty good on guitar amps. A few inches away from the amp, off center and you get a really smooth, buttery sound.

  • from October 24, 2014Music Background:
    Producer, Independent Label, Record Engineer, Composer, Instrumentalist

    Interesting mic at affordable price

    I used this mic, version sE2200a, for many of my productions on my home studio till now, with my own voice and the one of Melanie till her covers "Piensa en mi" and "Un Anno d'Amore" and Amélie (with her covers "Rather Be" and "Price Tag")
    It behaves quite good. As soon as you move far away, the voice it looses body. It becomes tiny and the sensitivity suffers a bit.
    But if you know it's limits, you can manage them.
    Thus if your budget is not so high, and you want to have good results, it's a perfect mic.
    But honestly, for very similar budget, I would turn for AKG 214. The sE2200a I payed a small price than now, but if I have to chose in this moment with the price of the sE2200a IIC and the AKG, I will opt for the AKG.
    In this moment I'm going on with the U87 Neumann ... a way better ... but the budget :)

  • from Hollywood, CA August 14, 2014Music Background:

    Very much like a U87

    I've heard this back to back with a U87 and it's damn close. The fact that this mic is 299$ is an absolute steal. We ended up using this mic ahead of several others that were far more expensive. Great buy

  • from Indiana July 15, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Studio

    Best mic under $1000

    This mic is absolutely incredible. I challenge you to find a cardioid condenser that is better under $1000. I was hesitant to purchase this because I already have several $500 mics, but this thing blows them away. I typically use this on vocals, but it would be great for just about anything. Very clear, plenty of headroom, and a sweet modern sound.

  • from New Hartford, NY May 21, 2014Music Background:
    Plucking fool, Recording Engineer

    Very well built microphone

    I just received my SE sE2200a II c, and this is the first time I've plugged one in for quite some time, and the first one I've owned for my own mic locker. I forgot just how incredibly well made these are (and generally all SE mics are)... the workmanship is absolutely first-rate, and materials are all excellent.
    I've hardly listened to my new one yet, but having used them before at studios, I can tell you that this is a very versatile (mostly flat, a bit bright but in a great way) microphone, and I've used them on male & female vocals, acoustic guitars, and even on guitar cabs with great results. I'm sure it would do justice to lots of other instruments, but as always, you need to taste test each mic for each application.
    I'm quite positive that this mic is going to last me the rest of my life, and I plan to get a lot of use out of it. I have a lot of mics, and some far more expensive ones, but it is very hard to get this quality at this price.
    Thanks again, Sweetwater.

  • from Northern NH March 9, 2014Music Background:
    Musician (semi-pro): playing mostly jazz now but everything except rap and "gangsta".

    Oh Yes!

    I purchased this microphone for 2 applications: 1 - to record live choir presentations and 2: for use with my small home studio (very small - personal use with a ZOOM R16). For app #1 THIS MIKE WAS AWESOME BEYOND BELIEF. I could have used it alone to record the music and the singers. Excellent quality. As it turned out it provided a great basic background to all the miked instruments as well and the choir. I could not believe the sensitivity - you can hear the conductor turning the pages like she was directly in front of the mike (she was not). For my home use - great sound, great sensitivity. I recommend a pop filter (works better than a wool sock for sure). I'm still playing with this - getting ready to try it with some acoustic recording but it is so sensitive I have to wait 'til my house is empty. Even 2 floors away it is grabbing background daily living noise. I was going to use it in some live performance with a small jazz combo but want some more experience with it.

    I have been playing and doing home recording for over 50 yrs and this just blows me away. For the price . . . I can't even imagine a better mike at any price.

  • from Knoxville, TN January 7, 2014Music Background:
    sound technician, varied experience

    se mics

    I used these for choir moving. 47 voices and surrounded by orchestral infringes. They did well. I used the low end roll off and had no problem swing the low end clean. The top end on these mics are kicked up from 7-10khz so there is a nice air to them. I was pleased and would recommend these for their price point.

  • from Wisconsin December 9, 2013Music Background:
    Audio Engineer


    This is a great microphone and sounds as good if not better than my mics that cost four times as much!

  • from NY, NY USA June 5, 2013Music Background:
    Music Producer

    Crazy Awesome Mic!

    I got this as part of the Rupert Neve 511 / sE Mic bundle Sweetwater was offering and this mic is NO JOKE!! The combination of mic and pre is outstanding! Sounds like a very expensive mic for a super price. If you have a small budget and are looking for a great, and I mean GREAT!! mic, then get this. You'll be happy. Don't forget to buy a quality mic pre to compliment this winner!

  • from Nb, Ct April 3, 2013Music Background:


    Just bought this badboy. I put it up against my akg perception 220 and this mic overpowered it in everyway when comes down to vocals. The clarity is outstanding. I couldnt have been any more satisfied then with this purchase.

  • from Hermleigh, TX USA April 2, 2013Music Background:
    Singer, Songwriter

    Nice Mic

    I bought this mic as a step up from the condenser mic that I had. I was not disappointed. I have not used it alot yet, but I have noticed that my vocals are up front and my recordings require alot less work in the mix. Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase.

  • from United States March 1, 2013Music Background:
    Voice Over Talent / Pro Tools User

    Great on Vocals / Voice Over

    Really great, warm mic for an amazing price point! Very happy!

  • from Spring Hill, FL January 30, 2013Music Background:
    Audio Engineer, Pro Musician


    For the price, the first thing that came to my mind was the average quality of mics in this price range, but!!!!! When I started to record, noticed how I didn't have to EQ almost anything! Clarity, presence, bottom and sensitivity are really impressive in this mic. Having used the U87, U67, C414 among others, I have to say that, with a good preamp and converters of course, this mic fits on the top league!

  • from January 3, 2013

    Great Mic

    Excellent! The quality of this mic, used for vocal recording, is well beyond what one would expect at this price point.

  • from Denver November 12, 2012Music Background:
    Home Studio Recording

    Amazing sounding mic!

    Seriously great quality sound from a seriously affordable mic. Excellent build quality

  • from Los Angeles August 25, 2012Music Background:
    Composer/Producer/ Engineer

    You won't be disappointed

    I've always heard great things about the SE brand, and the sE2200A in particular. Not sure if its true, but I heard this was Amy Winehouse's go-to mic? At any rate, I could see why because this thing sounds like a $1000+ microphone.

    It has the up-front character you've probably been over-compressing to get, with all of the high end sheen of a Nueman.

    I've just gotten mine recently and have only have a chance to use it on a few vocalist, however I'm curious to hear how it will sound on other sources such as acoustic, or hand percussion. My gut tells me it probably won't be a very good room, or drum mic, but I can live with that as this thing is Sizzling on Vocals.

    One word of advice, Be light on the compression on your front end because this mic naturally sounds like it has a 2:1 compression built in.

    I think this mic ex cells, at Hiphop vocals, rock, pop, and r & b, vocals. Not super beefy on the bottom end, but once in a mix, vocals soar with very little work.


  • from Austin, Texas August 5, 2012

    U87 ish?

    We had someone come from Neve/sE to my school to talk to us about some products and design. My school is in Austin and Neve/sE is in San Marcos only 30 mins away. We took this mic into the tracking room and threw it up against an Neumann U87. Both ran through SSL pres on our Duality board. We were all blown away by what we heard. There was only a slight difference in presence (The U87 having better) but everything else sounded pretty similar. Everyone was shocked by how great the 2200a II sounded, even Tristian from Neve was a little surprised. Obviously the U87 sounded a little better, but with that big of a price difference it would be dumb not to get this, our source was an acoustic guitar. My next mic to add to the locker.

  • from Metairie, La. USA July 7, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Professional Recording Engineer, Mastering

    Revised from previous review

    Following up on my previous review, after trying the sE200a II C through various preamps, I must say how impressed I am. Nice even yet full response, a touch of air, good solid mids and highs.... great build. Far and away a great value for price and in league with my best mics (AKG 414 XL II, modded Rode NTK, Audio Technica 4050, Shure KSM32).
    My first review was based on trying the mic through just one preamp (Avalon 737sp); that preamp has an unusually low impedence load of 850 ohms. Then I tried it through my Hamptone JFET, Demeter tube pre and modded Studio Technologies. The mic opened right up!
    You might want to make sure that the pre you use with this mic has a high impedence load, as it seems to have a more noticable effect than some other mics.
    Forget those mics that use chinese capsules selling at this price point and get on of these beauties. You won't regret it.

  • from New Orleans, La. June 30, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Mastering,Pro Musician

    Decent for the money

    In all fairness, I only tried this mic once or twice, and haven't recorded anything yet with it; also, haven't tried it on a variety of preamps (just the Avalon 737). Also, everyone has different preferences and voices, so take this with a grain of salt.
    I bought this mic during the Sweetwater May mic deal, as it was all I could afford at the time.
    I have a few other inexpensive condenser mics, as well as a few pricier ones (AKG 414-XLII, AT 4050 & modded Rode NTK).
    I was a little less than impressed by this mic, given the recent hype over sE mics; the sensitivity is just not that great (i.e. when you move back a little, the sound gets small real quick, even with compression); also it doesn't have much body or 'air'. Of course this could be good for getting a 'neutral' sound.
    On the other hand, it displays a more even frequency & transient response than the M-Audio Solaris & mics in that league; in fact it is very smooth in some respects. It is also rugged and the rubber padding & shock mount are very nice. It might be real good on elecrtic guitars, but I haven't tried that yet.
    You could do worse for this price range, but don't expect airiness or extra fullness, and use good mic technique with vocals.
    If your focus is vocals & you have a choice, go with the AT 4033 - a much nicer mic; or the AKG 214; both are in the same price range ballpark and have a better 'soundstage'. Meanwhile, I hope to check it out more and the higher end sE stuff.
    Pros: Even, if underwhelming frequency & transient response; rugged build and excellent accesories.
    Cons: It won't blow your socks off if you have a thin voice or want to get a big roomy sound.

  • from Nashville, TN June 21, 2012Music Background:
    Voice Actor

    sE Electronics sE2200a II c Microphone

    Before purchasing this from Sweetwater, I had a feeling this would be a good mic. It surpassed my expectations. I would compare the quality to my Neumann TLM 102, only a tiny bit brighter sounding. I would definitely
    recommend this mic. If you're a voice actor, like myself, you won't be disappointed.

  • from Spokane, WA USA June 13, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Hobbyist Musician


    Picked this up as my first higher caliber vocal microphone. Running it through a UA 710 preamp. So far, nothing I have done with it has sounded bad. Takes are sounding great with the microphone's HPF enabled. I have not yet had the opportunity to try the mic on any instruments. The build quality seems solid - It's heavy. The mic DOES currently include a free pop filter. No need to buy an extra if you purchase this mic like I accidentally did.

  • from United States May 30, 2012Music Background:
    Home Studio, Student

    Stands up to that of a $400 Mic, easily.

    Recently, my brother purchased the Baby Bottle microphone from Blue. Absolutely beautiful microphone - nice presence, tone, and no real EQ needed except for some to help slide the vocals into the mix (for his voice anyways).

    When I tried the Baby Bottle out, I was amazed as well. My voice sounded good, compared to my microphone I used before - Shure SM58. Granted, the SM58 is a cheap microphone compared to the Baby Bottle, but the pure presence and up-front feel the mic offered far surpassed the mid-rangey SM58 sound produced when I sang into it.

    Now, having worked with the Baby Bottle and the SM58 for a good while, I purchased this sE2200a ii C to use. I was absolutely blown away. This microphone accentuates the perfect features of my voice - helps add presence on the lows and evens out the mids nicely to avoid the nasal sound that I found ever so present in the SM58 (which, the nasal could be because of my faulty vocal technique.... shh).

    If the sE2200a II C was blind tested with the Baby Bottle, I believe the two would be very difficult to tell apart. However, both are very solid microphones. For my voice, the sE seems to be a better fit.

    Overall, extremely satisfied with the mic. Nice upfront sound, solid presence. The shock mount is solid. The means in which the microphone and the pop filter are inserted into the shock mount are genius. Comes in a nice box (no case), but I'm going to use the box as a case xp.

    Buy this, for 250 its an absolute steal. =]

    P.S. First purchase from Sweetwater and would definitely shop here again!

  • from Columbus, OH May 30, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Pro Musician

    Amazing Quality Clean Warm Mic

    When Amy Winehouse used a 2200a series as her main vocal mic for her 'Back in Black' album that say something. Got it today and even the foam that is used to protect it inside the box is quality stuff. sE really does take care of their mics hand built mics. It even came with a QC Pass ticket with the date it passed inspection. Can't believe how nice the overall solid body is and it came with a shock mount and pop filter. I ran it straight through an apogee duet 2 and it has been the cleanest low noise warm mic I have used for vocals. Best investment for the price and it's nice to know the 2200a series has been used on a multi-Grammy album.

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