Auralex MoPAD - Monitor Isolation Pads

Adjustable Acoustic Isolation Wedges for Studio Monitors (2-monitor Set)
Auralex MoPAD - Monitor Isolation Pads image 1
Auralex MoPAD - Monitor Isolation Pads image 1
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Auralex MoPAD - Monitor Isolation Pads
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Get Maximum Performance from Your Monitors!

Adding a set of Auralex MoPAD studio monitor isolation pads to your setup is one of the most cost-effective and important improvements you can make in your studio. Like the shock absorbers in your car, MoPADs sit under your monitors, absorbing vibrations that would otherwise transfer into your desk or your floor. These vibrations generate false low frequencies, which makes it impossible to accurately judge your mix. At Sweetwater, we've listened to hundreds of studio monitors, with and without MoPADs, and the difference is night and day. You've paid good money for your monitors, now get the most out of them by adding a set of Auralex MoPAD studio monitor isolation pads.

Auralex MoPAD Studio Monitor Isolation Pads at a Glance:
  • Decouple your monitors for super-accurate sound
  • Fine-tune your sweet spot by perfectly positioning your monitors
  • Isolation for more than just your monitors
Decouple your monitors for super-accurate sound

What Auralex MoPADs do is called "decoupling," which is pretty easy to understand. When your monitors sit directly to your desk or floor, they transmit vibrations that cause the suface that they're sitting on to essentially turn into a giant subwoofer. This can add a ton of bass to your music. Unfortunately, these low frequencies aren't really in your mix, so when you play it back on any system outside of your studio, all that bass will be missing. By decoupling your monitors with MoPADs, you eliminate these false lows, making it easier to create accurate mixes that translate to any playback system.

Fine-tune your sweet spot by perfectly positioning your monitors

Another thing that Auralex MoPADs do is to let you position your studio monitors at the exact angle you need, allowing you to better define your central mix postion. Each MoPAD (you get four in a pack, enough for two monitors) comes in two pieces, each with a 4-degree angle. That allows you to tilt your monitor at one of five different angles: flat, +/-4 degrees, or +/-8 degrees. So whether you need to angle the monitors on your desk up or tilt your stand-mounted monitors down, MoPADs make it easy.

Isolation for more than just your monitors

Over the years, Sweetwater customers have come up with all kinds of great other uses for MoPADs. For one thing, they can withstand up to 100 lbs., so you can easily use them to decouple your computer from your desk. They're also great for isolating small amplifiers or turntables. Once you start thinking outside of the box, you'll discover that you can reduce a lot of unwanted noise by using Auralex MoPADs in creative and imaginative ways.

Auralex MoPAD Studio Monitor Isolation Pads Features:
  • The most affordable way to improve the sound of your studio monitors
  • Decouples your studio monitors from desktops and monitor stands
  • Each package contains 4 MoPADs - enough for 2 studio monitors
  • 2-part angled design provides you with a wide range of tilt options, including flat, +/-4 degrees, and +/-8 degrees
  • Supports up to 100 lbs., making them perfect for isolating more than just studio monitors
  • Unobtrusive charcoal gray color
  • Dimensions: 12" L x 4" W
Put Auralex MoPADs under your studio monitors and find out what your mixes really sound like!

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Tech Specs

Application Studio Monitors
Material Foam
Weight Limit 100 lbs.
Width 4"
Depth 12"
Manufacturer Part Number MOPAD

Customer Reviews

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pads for monitors

If you have your monitors setting directly on your studio desk, you are making a big mistake. The physical contact between the two will color the sound of your monitors by adding or cutting bass depending on your set up. The physical vibrations even at medium volume makes a difference. The Iso pad stops that and lets you hear your monitors with any sympathetic vibrations as if they were floating. Of course this does not solve the remainder of you room acoustics. Early refection, bass build up, and flutter have to be tamed to get an accurate picture of your mix. But, this a great start. I give it a 5 because you can really hear the difference right away, kinda instant gratification without a bunch of tweaking.

Best $40 I've spent for my studio!

I bought these with my Samson Rubicon R6a studio monitors 4yrs ago and the difference between using these with my monitors and just using my monitors on my desk or stands alone is night and day! I cannot imagine anyone NOT using these in their studio. The different angling options make these the most flexible isolation solution on the market for decoupling studio monitors. I'm buying a subwoofer for my studio soon and you can best believe that i will be purchasing a SubDude for it as well for the same benefit as I got using the MoPADs.
Music background: Artist, Producer, Student.

Essential for any monitor setup

When I was ordering my Yamaha HS50M's through Sweetwater, my representative recommended that I purchase the MoPAD. To be honest, I wasn't sure if I really needed them but my representative swore by them and with them being so affordable I decided to go for it. He was absolutely right. Not only do they isolate the monitors but they are incredibly easy to adjust giving you the opportunity to be real particular with the angle at which your monitors are facing you. I can't imagine using my studio monitors without them.
Music background: Freelance film, tv, and video game composer.

They do what they say!

This product made a substantial difference in the bass response. My speakers are no longer boomy
Music background: Audiophile

They do their job

Not much to review, as they are just isolation pads. But they are very modular, and each pad comes in two angled pieces, so you can angle them flat, or up/down in a few different angles. I use them for Rokit 5s and they work well.
Music background: DJ / Producer

Sweetwater Advice

Jeff Barnett

How come nobody thought of these decades ago? MoPADs are simple, inexpensive, low-tech, and they are an ingenious solution to an acoustic problem almost everybody with monitors has experienced.

Carson McClain

What do I hear from my customers about the MoPAD? "WOW, these things actually work!" You need to have these for each and every set of monitors in your studio.

Jeff Radke

I thought I had decent monitors but the difference MoPADs made in the accuracy of my system was just amazing. These were a ridiculously affordable upgrade for my monitors. The ability to easily adjust the angle of my speakers was really important to me because the existing shelf on my desk was a bit high.
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